Chart for the Full Moon in Aries 2023

Balancing through the Storm

Aries Full Moon brings a long list of fiery, erratic, passionate, fluctuating transits! Eris conjunct the North Node, Mars at the South Node, Venus square Uranus, and some rare aspect patterns. This stormy energy can help to clear your path forward or might just blow the clutter around, depending how you react to it. The key is to find a flexible, dynamic sense of balance in the midst of this wild energy!



Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Sep. 29, 2023, 5:57 AM EDT

London, UK:

Sep. 29, 2023, 10:57 AM BST

Sydney, AU:

Sep. 29, 2023, 7:57 PM AEST

As if you were on fire from within.
The moon lives in the lining of your skin.
~ Pablo Neruda

Aries and Mars

The zodiac sign Aries is usually up for an adventure, a challenge; something that gives a sense of purpose and confidence. At best, this energy can be daring, invigorating and courageous. When not at its best, Aries energy can be impatient, reckless, self-absorbed or even violent.

Aries is good at taking risks, which can be a good thing when balanced with common sense and careful judgment, but not so good if combined with too much impulsive, reflexive or ego-based reactions. This sign is also about getting you motivated and moving, and taking action.

Ruled by Mars, Aries is connected to emotions, especially anger, assertiveness and/or aggression. Anger is a tricky feeling. It is volatile and therefore can be a bit scary, especially in a culture that discourages or even punishes its expression. When suppressed, anger can turn into fear, depression, shame, hostility, passive aggression, bitterness or cynicism.

We tend to see anger as a bad thing because at its worst it can be very destructive and disruptive. And yet it is also a key part of our survival mechanism that warns us when we might be in danger or threatened, or when we have been demeaned, disrespected or abused. But like a sharp knife (ruled by Mars), it's best used sparingly, skillfully and with good judgment, like a surgeon's scalpel rather than a rusty switchblade.

The Full Moon in Aries is a time to check out the condition of your Aries and Mars energy. Is it functioning well for you? Does it serve you well, or does it get out of hand and hard to handle? Do you underdo your Aries/Mars energy, afraid of retaliation or damage? Or maybe you tend to overdo it, eager to race in where angels fear to tread? Or you might be caged by fear, depression, cynicism or pessimism?

This Full Moon has a lot of sharp, bold, stimulating energy. Observe well how you respond to it, and learn something about how you manage your Mars and engage your Aries energy. This is a time when you can find a more productive balance for working with this energy.


Chaos is what we've lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego, which clenches because its existence is defined in terms of control.
~ Terence McKenna

Aries, Libra and the Popcorn Queen

This Full Moon in Aries features a number of vivid alignments and aspect patterns that illuminate the many facets of this peak in the lunar cycle (from the New Moon in Virgo to the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra).

Although the Full Moon is in Aries, this chart leans more toward Libra in a number of ways:

  • The Aries Moon opposes the Sun in Libra (the very definition of a Full Moon in Aries).
  • We still have 3 different opposition aspects (like we did at the New Moon in Virgo, Sep. 14), although most of them involve different planets now.
  • It's also still a See-saw chart distribution pattern, which is Libra-like.
  • Mars, which rules the Aries Full Moon, is himself in Libra.
  • And Venus, the ruler of Libra, is a key player in the chart: first by being in mutual reception with the Sun, and second by being part of the most dominant aspect pattern in the chart.

The Aries Moon may feel a bit alone out on a limb, with all that opposite Libra energy. So, it's a good thing Aries is all about cultivating individuality, being a self-starter, and using impulse energy to take action toward the most exciting destination that catches your eye.

Moon, North Node, Chiron and Eris in AriesIt's not that the Moon is alone in Aries – she has Chiron conjunct the North Lunar Node to keep her company. And dwarf planet Eris is super-tightly conjunct the True North Node (one teensy weensy little minute of orb). Eris loves to stir the pot of whatever controversy she finds, and then she sits back and enjoys the drama. (Maybe we should call her the popcorn queen.)

It isn't wise to bore Eris—nor any planet in Aries, for that matter. When either of these energies get locked into the same-old-same-old, they may do whatever it takes to liven up the situation... which might not be entirely pleasant.

So, there's liable to be some excitement around this Full Moon, although in these crazy, disruptive times you have to try extra hard to find something so different and stimulating that it rises above the din. In fact, Eris and the North Node have been walking arm-in-arm for some time now.

Dwarf planet Eris conjunct North NodeThe True Node and Eris linger within one degree from August 28 to December 13 of this year, and don't even officially reach precisely exact until November 27, virtually 2 months from now! And they have travelled within 8 degrees of each other from June 8 of this year until February 22, 2024. The Mean Node and Eris officially cross paths on October 21, staying within 1 degree from September 27 to November 13, and within 8 degrees from May 18 of this year until March 22, 2024.

So, either way, these two are on an extended adventure. (And in case you're wondering, Chiron conjoins Eris in 2025 and 2026.)

It's a cruel and random world, but the chaos is all so beautiful.
~ Hiromu Arakawa

Me and Thee, Us and We

Venus Square UranusVenus square Uranus is the second-closest aspect in the Full Moon chart, being a mere quarter-degree orb from exact. Venus in Leo is very self-expressive, creative and fun-loving. However, this tight square aspect to Uranus sets up tension, where Venus is urged to reach beyond just being playful.

Uranus challenges Venus to consider the greater good of the collective in her actions, or to create something truly original, unique or totally out of character. This will take imagination, courage and a willingness to try new things. You may also need to be flexible, since matters of relationships, finances or purchases could be unstable and changeable.

Venus in Leo happens to be in Mutual Reception to the Sun in Libra (they're each in the sign that the other rules). There is a reciprocal understanding between them, where they can give hints and encouragement about how the other can work with the sign that they're in.

In this case, the Sun is in its Fall, meaning that it is opposite the sign where it is Exalted (Aries for the Sun), which is kind of like being among people you have little in common with. The Sun in Libra can find it difficult to shine with its own light, since Libra insists that the Sun (individual identity) must be sensitive and receptive to the needs, feelings and intentions of others.

Sun parallel Neptune, Moon parallel ErisJust to make things a little more interesting, we also have Neptune tightly parallel to the Sun by declination (circled in blue), aiming to provide inspiration to help the Sun surrender to the more selfless side of his job description. While Neptune's influence can make you more open to your flow of creativity, love and bliss, it might also leave you feeling like any focus on yourself is being selfish, or that anything you do will fall short of perfection. Don't fall into the trap of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good, as the saying goes.

And if that's not exciting enough for you, the Moon is tightly contraparallel to Eris (circled in red), both straddling the equator (0°) by less than one degree. Eris' presence in the chart serves to jack up the Aries high octane energy even further. It could make that fiery energy harder to handle, and more erratic, volatile or passionate than Aries usually is. If Fire energy is your forte then this could be a wild ride in the best way. If you prefer calmer skies then this might be a bit hot to handle, in which case it may be a good idea to take frequent breaks to cool down and get yourself grounded and centered again so you don't get burnt out.

Venus understands this kind of conflict of interest since she is dealing with her own struggle with Uranus. The Venus side of you wants to be self-expressive, but being just one of many within the collective, it's not easy to be distinguished enough to be noticed.

Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, the sign opposite Leo, so Venus is playing out a similar dilemma as the Sun. Both parts of you are struggling to honour and sustain your own personal creativity, in the midst of a situation where you need to focus on more than just yourself.

Your friends will believe in your potential, your enemies will make you live up to it.
~ Tim Fargo

Rocking the Hard Cradle

Cradle aspect patternThere's an aspect configuration in the chart that is similar to the more common Cradle pattern – 2 planets in opposition, with 2 apex planets crisscrossing on one side of it. The 2 apex planets are trine and sextile to the opposing planets, and can provide relief, resources, assistance, or just some welcome distraction. It's like 2 Wedge patterns overlapping each other.

Hard Cradle aspect patternHowever, in the Hard Cradle the two apex planets are semisquare and sesquiquadrate (a.k.a. octile and trioctile: 45° and 135°) to the opposing planets – in other words, two overlapping Hard Wedge figures.

In this case, the opposition is between the Sun and Moon, and the apex planets are Venus and Uranus. The Sun-Venus-Uranus dynamic described above is a key part of this Hard Cradle. Venus is at one apex (semisquare the Sun and sesquiquadrate the Moon), while Uranus is the other apex (semisquare the Moon and sesquiquadrate the Sun)..

While the apex planets in the usual Cradle can provide support and resources, in the Hard Cradle the apex planets tend to complicate, aggravate, poke and prod the opposing planets. The good news is that this can actually get you moving, which is especially helpful if you're stuck or reluctant to move forward, but the experience may not be a pleasant one.

In the case of the Aries/Libra opposition, it might come in the form of being afraid to take action in a situation where you can't decide what the right path forward is. Venus and Uranus might provide a carrot-and-stick method of motivating you, with Venus saying, "You'll do fine, you'll feel better if you just follow your heart," while Uranus says, "Never mind feeling good, just wake up and dare to be your true self even if it means going against the world."

The net effect might see you second-guessing yourself in a situation where there are no easy answers. Any option will have its advantages, but will also come with disadvantages. And trying to decide which way is better for you right now could be a difficult process.

You might find this playing out in relationships, interactions of all kinds, and perhaps trying to feel good about yourself in the face of difficulties or contrary external demands. The challenge is to find a balance point in that sweet spot between being self-absorbed and being self-effacing, and between needing to find a satisfying, comfortable solution versus having to suck it up and deal with an unpleasant situation as best you can.

Your discipline will take you places your motivation won't, and your obsession will take you places your discipline can't.
~ Mohsin

The Mars Balancing Act

Mars is another key player in the chart. For starters, Mars rules Aries and therefore also the Full Moon. Mars is conjunct the South Node (exact on October 4). And Mars is involved in two somewhat rare aspect patterns: the Little Ear and the Quindecile Yod Kite.

Mars is in Libra, which is the sign of its Detriment. Mars is the part of you that reacts, gets angry, gets motivated, takes action, and goes after what you want. However, in Libra, Mars must aim to be polite, courteous, fair and diplomatic. Mars is required to be sensitive to others' feelings, especially in terms of how its naturally forthright energy comes across to others. So again, the Full Moon in Aries points to the need to focus on Libra energy.

Since Mars is at the South Node, it hints that this is a good time to let go of urges and emotions that are hindering your ability to relate openly and honestly with others. You might find yourself in a dilemma about what to do, which way to go, what to invest your energy and time into. Mars at the South Node suggests that it's time to find a resolution of some kind that you can live with, so that you can let go of the indecision and get on with whatever you're getting on with.

Little Ear aspect patternMars is also one "arm" in (what Huber astrology calls) a Little Ear aspect pattern. The other arm is Venus, and the two are in a sextile aspect (which I talked about in the New Moon in Virgo article). And in between is Mercury in Virgo, in a semisextile (30°) aspect to both.

This subtle configuration indicates amplified sensitivity to external energy, impressions and information, focused on the apex planet (Mercury) and funnelled in from the two sextile planets (Mars and Venus). Again, we have two planet placements that have creativity, love, beauty and buoyancy in common – Mars in harmonious Libra and Venus in feel-good Leo.

Mercury in Virgo in the apex-middle is likely to be ultra-sensitive to minute shifts in the flow of energy, which could change according to your environment, your physical condition, your mood, and what you focus on in thought and action.

Having someone you can freely discuss your passions and goals with is a blessing. That energy, throughout those conversations, fills your life force. That's priceless.
~ Robin S. Baker

Mercury and Mars Melodrama

The other unusual aspect pattern involving Mars is what might be called a Quindecile Yod Kite pattern. This type of Yod figure has two planets in a semisextile aspect (30°) to each other, and both have a quindecile aspect (165°) to a third one. And if there's a fourth planet in opposition to the apex planet, it forms a Kite pattern – hence, a Quindecile Yod Kite.

The quindecile aspect is 165 degrees, based on dividing the circle by 24. (This aspect is often confused with the 24° aspect, the 15th harmonic, which is often called by the same name... just to make sure you're paying attention. The 165° quindecile is also called the Johndro, after L. Edward Johndro who worked extensively with it). It is associated with obsession, drive and compulsion. At its worst it can indicate pathologies and excessive force, but at its best it can give great powers of concentration and dedication.

Quindecile Yod Kite aspect patternIn this case, the Aries Moon is the Apex of the Yod, which has quindecile aspects to both Mercury and Mars. This will likely intensify the urge to express your more intense feelings, but with Mars in gentle Libra it needs to be done in a way that is self-aware, intentional, and sensitive to the effect it has on the world around you. The Sun opposing the Moon turns the Yod into a Kite figure – emphasized by the fact that the Sun and Moon are precisely on the midpoint between Mercury and Mars.

Kite flying in the skyThe Kite energy usually flows like this: Imagine a standard kite. The planet at the "tail" end is the Moon in this case and tends to be the outlet of the energy. At the opposite end, the "head," is the Sun in this case. When the "head" planet gets triggered or activated, it sets off the two planets on either side – Mercury and Mars, in this case – and this trio of energies get focused like a laser beam through the Moon or "tail" planet.

As an example, say you get into a disagreement with someone which challenges your ability to be diplomatic, polite or objective; or you're finding it difficult to negotiate with someone (Sun in Libra). Mercury in Virgo might want to explain in detail why you think the person is wrong, and Mars in Libra might try to push back but do it with a calculated smile.

The Moon part of you might bring together this curious mixture of energies and you wind up blurting out the emotional turmoil you're feeling, perhaps speaking your position in a restrained way but with an edge that's a little too sharp. But finding undamaging ways to express yourself is essential.

Underscoring these themes of intensity running through the chart is Mars square Pluto, which reaches exact on October 8. Again, this might feel like a conflict of interest – your impulse to be outspoken, direct, angry, reactive or dominant is likely to could have a lot of push behind it, but may be at odds with your need to be fair, harmonious, diplomatic or gentle.

Complicating things further, Mars is also quincunx Uranus (exact on October 1). Uranus advises to break free of the standard way of doing things, but doesn't appreciate the tricky position Mars is in, juggling all these different priorities and urges. So, when Venus turns to Mars to help her win the square-aspect argument with Uranus, Mars is likely to shrug and say, "Don't ask me, I don't understand him either!"

And last but hardly least, the current position of Mars is exactly where the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Libra will be, on October 14. This implies that the eclipse could reactivate the Mars dilemma themes that are stirred up now at the Full Moon in Aries. So it's wise to not underestimate or dismiss these Mars factors.


Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol for Aries 7: A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.Sabian Symbol for Aries 7: A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once.

This Sabian Symbol seems tailor made for this Full Moon! All through the chart there are themes about expressing hot emotions but doing it in a way that's cool and balanced.

Dane Rudhyar gives a keynote subtext as, "The first realization of the dual nature of man and of the possibilities it implies."In other words, when you succeed at finding that Libra balance with the Aries impulses and enthusiasm, there are further opportunities and options that can be had.

To Aries, the Libra balance may feel needlessly refined or restrained, and to Libra the Aries potency can feel primitive or being out of control. This Symbol suggests that by finding ways to get these two opposites to meet in the middle, it can open up new avenues of potential.

Your heart is a powerful force. Use it consciously.
~ Amy Leigh Mercree

The List!

There is so much wild, erratic, forceful, weird, and yet powerful energy flying around at this Full Moon in Aries, it might seem like you're quite not sure where to stand to avoid the chaos. Here's the list:

  • Full Moon in fiery Aries
  • Fiery Mars awkwardly in diplomatic Libra ruling the Full Moon
  • Mars conjunct the South Lunar Node, indicating a need to let go of (or reframe) emotions and reactions that once served you but now only get in the way
  • Dwarf planet Eris exactly conjunct the North Lunar Node, injecting potential disruption
  • Venus in Leo exactly square erratic Uranus, setting up a conflict between personal self-expression and your role within the collective
  • Over-stimulated Venus ruling a stressed-out Mars ruling a passionately emotional Moon, which requires patience, flexibility and strength of spirit to channel this energy into positive potential
  • Venus-Uranus and Sun-Moon forming a Hard Cradle aspect pattern, pushing you outside your comfort zone, finding unusual, daring and creative ways to manage situations that are unsatisfying, frustrating or a catch-22 dilemma
  • Mercury at the apex of a Little Ear configuration with Mars and Venus, magnifying your sensitivity to the creative potential in channeled aggression and expressing this in a clear-headed way
  • Sun-Moon opposition creating a Quindecile Kite pattern with Mercury and Mars, suggesting obsessive and/or passionate expression of feelings without going so overboard that you lose the point you're trying to make
  • And ultimately using this volatile, erratic energy to adjust your balance between inner/outer, mental/emotional, and personal/collective experiences

A majority of planets are in the goal-oriented Cardinal signs (specifically Aries, Libra and Capricorn) so simply "standing" somewhere is probably not the best way to respond to this Full Moon. That Cardinal energy is like a strong wind that has your back and pushes you forward, but rather than just allowing yourself to be blown around, you have the chance to choose a destination on the far horizon.

This is a Full Moon to harness your passion, and be honest with yourself about what you really want and/or need in your life right now. If they're not aligned or compatible, then this is a time to fine-tune these factors. Use your spirit, heart and mind to get clear within yourself about what your true intentions are, consciously and subconsciously.

The next New Moon will be the Solar Eclipse in Libra, and it occurs at the exact same degree as where Mars is right now. So, this Aries Full Moon is a powerful opportunity to find that clarity now, so you can direct your desire, priorities and purpose in a way that won't get cluttered up by conflicting feelings, wants, needs and reactions.

How to find that balance? Consider this: Trusting your impulses and instincts doesn't have to mean automatically acting on them. Conscious awareness is the key. Listen to your impulses, consider the implications and consequences, weigh your options, and then have the courage to make a decision and follow through with it.

The next update will be for the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Libra on October 14, 2023. In the meantime, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world most definitely needs you. ❤️

Between us, we have the fire and the water. I'm quite sure that together, we can take on the wind.
~ R.F. Kuang, The Dragon Republic



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