Synonyms: Octile, ssq


When two planets are 45° degrees apart (give or take a few degrees of orb) they are in a Semisquare aspect (sometimes called an Octile). Its effect is irritating and annoying but can also be motivating.

When two planets are 45° degrees apart (give or take a few degrees of orb) they are in a Semisquare aspect (sometimes called an Octile). Its effect is generally irritating and frustrating.

The semisquare is based on dividing the circle into 8 equal segments. Geometrically, it is half of a square aspect (90°).

Similar to the square, the semisquare represents a stressful yet dynamic relationship between the aspected planets. When used constructively, there is motivation for moving forward and/or shedding outworn situations that hinder forward progress. When the energy becomes stuck or uncontrolled, there can be a compulsive, obsessive or stubborn edge to it.

In the progression of aspects and development phases through the zodiac, the waxing semisquare begins the next phase after the beginning of the cycle. Something new is starting to form - an idea, a project, an intention, a need, a desire. Now it's time to plan it out and gather resources, and perhaps in the process of doing this, to decide if the result will be worth the effort it will take to make it happen.

The waning semisquare comes at the end of the whole cycle, just before the next conjunction when something will begin anew. This represents a time of closure; of shutting down the process that has unfolded since the previous conjunction. It is not usually a time of great activity or excitement, but of letting go and surrendering to the transition from the old into something new.

The aspect itself often indicates decisions and choices that need to be made, creating a turning point in the situation. If the aspect is waxing (the faster planet is heading away from the slower one) the question to ask yourself could be: What is your end result that you want to manifest and what would that look like? If you're stuck and don't know where to start, the semisquare can prod you into taking the first steps. If the aspect is waning (the faster planet is heading toward the slower planet), your question may be: What needs to be finished up before you move on to the next adventure? What do you see coming toward you on the horizon? What do you want to do next?

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