Chart for New Moon in Aquarius

Transforming Lightning Into Love

Aquarius is everywhere right now! The New Moon is in Aquarius, and is conjunct Pluto which starts to move into Aquarius in 2023. Venus is on intimate terms with both rulers of Aquarius, conjunct Saturn and ruling Uranus. Uranus is stationary, making his defiant nature extra cheeky. And the New Moon begins the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Chart for Full Moon in Cancer

Planting Seeds for 2023

As you enter the new year, the Full Moon in Cancer encourages you to wrap your arms around a goal of where you want to be a year from now. The planetary weather is a bit stormy this month, so stay flexible, lighten up, and take good care of your Inner Child.

field with tree and lightning

Saturn square Uranus 2021 ~ Negotiating Necessary Change

Saturn's mission is to bring stability and integrity to the mess generated in 2020, but Uranus insists on breaking free of Saturn's grip. The resulting argument brings more drama and change to our lives.

Jan. 6th Committee

Tales From the US Pluto Return

The astrology chart for the final pronouncement of the outcome and recommendations of the January 6th Committee indicates that this is a very significant event, which channels the return of Pluto to its natal position when the United States was "born."

Chart for Nuclear Fusion

HUGE Scientific Breakthrough!!!

The quest for clean, efficient energy, both for the air and the earth, is one giant step closer! We know the date, time and place that nuclear fusion was first achieved, and the astrology chart tells a very interesting story...

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