Chart for New Moon in Sagittarius

The Twisting Path of Possibilities

Stationary Jupiter turns direct at the very moment the New Moon in Sagittarius is exact, becoming a shining beacon of inspiration. Meanwhile, Mercury, Venus and Mars zigzag around the sky, reaching for visionary potential. The possibilities are endless! Just be careful what you wish for...

Chart for Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Echoes From The Past

Behold: the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus! Again we encounter the Saturn-Uranus square that has haunted our skies since 2020. In fact, this eclipse brings the last 15 years into focus, going back to the Uranus-Pluto square and the Cardinal Cross. Taking place on the day of the US Midterm elections, this eclipse will likely make for a very intense day, with this energy playing out over the next 6 months.

Chart for Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Into the Dark to Find the Light

Eclipse Season begins with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, while Venus and Mars continue their dance, taking turns as to who leads. Stationary Mars is more dominant, but Venus conjunct the Sun-Moon also has a strong presence. Stationary Saturn also helps to make this eclipse an unusually intense one!


Transforming the Brave Heart

Mars goes retrograde about every two years, making it a fairly rare event. During this time, our approach to conflict, hostility, anger, assertiveness and taking action often requires rethinking, regrouping and reintegrating.

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