Signs and Symbols

Astrology is a language of symbols that reveals a profound model of human experience. Astrology's vocabulary, terms and grammar communicates in its own unique way about our experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, feelings, humour, learning, wisdom and beauty.

Aurora Borealis

Abundant Blessings and Simple Gifts

Every 12 years, Jupiter travels through Taurus. The planet of intangible inspiration, philosophy and expansion must squeeze itself into the sign of practicality, methodology, material acquisition and stability – with potentially spectacular results!

diagram Cardinal Cross

Cardinal Crossroads: Squared Off!

From 2008 to 2015, Saturn and Pluto teamed up against Jupiter and Uranus in a battle for dominance and integration that is still playing out years later. This article explains the tensions, conflicts and dynamics of this alignment.

stormy sunset sky

Transforming the Social Order

Uranus reflects the greater community – the social order. Pluto transforms whatever it touches. These two planets in a sextile aspect presents deep creative exploration and discovery within the greater, global community of humanity.

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