Pluto is used in modern astrology as the modern ruler of Scorpio. It is associated with intensity, transformation, death, rebirth and obsession.


Scorpio (modern rulership only).


There is no sign of exaltation for Pluto.




There is no sign of fall for Pluto.


Transformation, death, rebirth, intensity, endings, oppression, power, abuse, control, tenacity, obsession, concentration, secrets, underworld, sex, lust.


Transpersonal planet, Dwarf planet, Outer planet

Per 12 Signs

About 242.5 years.

Per Sign

Varies from around 11.5 to 31.5 years, depending on the sign (maximum in Taurus, minimum in Scorpio).


Goes retrograde once a year for about 7 months. Number of degrees travelled while retrograde varies from 1:56 to 2:50, depending on the sign (maximum in Scorpio, minimum in Taurus).


Goes Out of Bounds only rarely. Last time was 1951-1953, dipping in and out of bounds. Next time is 2025-2035, dipping in and out of bounds. After that, Pluto doesn't go Out of Bounds again for tens of thousands of years.

More Info

Although Pluto was classified scientifically as a Dwarf Planet in 2006, astrologically it is still classified and used as a regular planet. Discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, Pluto is the 9th planet from the Sun, beyond Neptune. Astrologically, it is regarded by most modern astrologers as the planetary ruler of Scorpio (Mars being the traditional ruler).

Pluto symbolizes power, lust, sex or sexual violence, obsession, tenacity, concentration, death, rebirth, transformation, secrets, destruction and rot.

Other glyphs for Pluto:

Alternate Pluto glyph

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