The Chaos of Being Born

Uranus, the Great Awakener, leaps into Aries, the sign of new beginnings. As this Transpersonal planet of chaos and change goes firewalking through the Fire sign of energy, heat, courage and brimstone, things might get a little explosive!

This is what happens when anything new is born or emerges into manifestation. It's chaotic, messy and there are no guarantees that everything will go smoothly. It's important to think fast and "keep your eyes on the prize" as the saying goes. This is the territory of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, where all good things begin.

And yet, to begin something new, it is also necessary to leave the past behind. The baby being born must leave the womb, and in the same way it is necessary to let go of what was in order to welcome something new into our lives.

Uranus is a "transpersonal" planet, meaning that it brings experiences that take us beyond the individual ego-self. It takes us into the realm of the soul or spirit or the Higher Self, in whatever way those words make sense to you. Such a larger-than-life planetary energy will have effects that impact us globally and collectively, as well as individually within our personal lives.

As you read through these ideas about Uranus in Aries, bear in mind that it's easier for you to control and work with these energies in your personal life than for the Collective (global community) to do so. This is because the Collective is made up of billions of individuals and subsets of individuals (countries, religions, races, genders, beliefs, etc.) all of whom have a different vision of the ideal direction for the world to go in.

Within yourself you have many different priorities, visions and urges, but these are within the realm of your control. The direction of the Collective is controlled by more than just one person and therefore relies on an amalgamating force to merge so many different ideas, ideologies, priorities and drives. As you are thinking about how to tap into the Uranus in Aries energy, start with what you know – your own life, dreams, hopes and fears. The best way to change the world is to start with yourself!

Uranus in Aries and the World Economy

Uranus made its initial and temporary entrance into Aries on May 27, 2010; then retreated back into Pisces on August 13, 2010. It made its final move into Aries on March 11, 2011.

The last time Uranus was in Aries, it was the late 1920s and early 1930s. This was the time when the world economy was escalating to an artificially inflated peak, and then the bubble popped in October 1929. The world saw the collapse of the stock markets due to out of control speculation and mismanagement. This led to the Great Depression of the 1930s when there was devastating unemployment. The corporate structures that had previously acted as supporting columns for the world economy shattered and it came tumbling down. When Uranus finally moved into Taurus in 1934, the rebuilding process began through social welfare systems and the gradual healing of economic systems.

George Santayana once wrote that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. For 2 years before Uranus first went into Aries in 2010, there was a long Saturn-Uranus opposition, which saw the world economy collapse like a string dominos. As Uranus moved into Aries in May 2010, the world crossed its collective fingers and hoped the worst might be over—that Uranus in Aries would simply chip away the jagged edges of the residue that was left. Saturn was opposite Uranus as it moved into Aries in 2010, so surely this might provide a constructive tension that would ensure some measure of responsibility and accountability on the part of those who were making the decisions. Right? Right??

Alas, this has not been the general perception. Although full financial meltdown was successfully avoided during that time (particularly in the US), there have been stunning reports of jaw-dropping bonuses and rewards given to the very people and institutions whose mismanagement led to the crisis in the first place. At Uranus' final entrance into Aries in March 2011, much of the conditions that led to these problems still remain in place or with only minimal change.

Uranus in Aries could be a "game changer" to the drama that had already begun unfolding under the Saturn-Uranus opposition. It's very possible we will see some dramatic changes in the structure of the world economy based on the events that have unfolded since 2008. This is especially true with Pluto transforming the world order in its journey through Capricorn, and as Uranus moves closer to square Pluto in 2012-2015. In the long run this is meant to make the economy healthier and stronger, although in the interim we are likely to see more disruptive change as the ripple effects continue to expand outward.

Now: I'm not a financial astrologer and can barely balance my checkbook at the best of times, but given this economic climate it seems likely that we are still in for some ups and downs on the financial front. I continue to hear many astrologers voice grave concerns that our economic roller coaster ride is far from over, although you'd have to ask them for the astrological details about that. Bear in mind that astrology only shows us the general direction of the currents. It doesn't always tell us what happens when planets and signs generate turbulence or how we will navigate through it all. However, given the continuing economic climate, it seems very likely that there is yet more air to be let out of the economic bubble, and that Uranus will have more surprises for us—especially while the corporate aristocrats continue to believe it's business as usual.

Uranus in Aries ~ Changing Use of Energy

I often find there is a curious phenomenon when a planet moves into a new sign (or house). Very often, it is not so much the events related to the new sign that suddenly become visible but the one being left behind that mysteriously emerge! My theory is that as a planet works through the issues of a particular sign, it is developing and evolving that energy. Then, when the planet moves into the next sign, it's as if it brings a finished seed with it that's been developed in the previous sign. That seed is what becomes visible and it is planted in the new sign; and then that sign is developed and worked on and emerges when it moves on into the sign after that; and so on. It's a bit like a plant that produces a seed, and even though the plant itself dies, the seed is what is left and is planted and grows, itself producing another seed.

In the same way, we seem to be seeing an awful lot of issues, events and concerns about oil, as Uranus moves out of Pisces and into Aries. In 2010, while Uranus was in the final degree of Pisces and edging closer to the Aries point, the world saw the explosion of an oil drilling project in the Gulf of Mexico with an unprecedented gushing oil spill that threatened huge expanses of the ecology and the livelihoods of many people. Bear in mind that oil is ruled by Pisces and explosions by Uranus. At that time, Jupiter, the planet of perpetual expansion (as in "we don't know how to stop this thing") was also closing in on a conjunction to Uranus.

In 2010, it seemed conceivable that the U.S. (and by domino effect, the world) economy could suffer another blow if the oil companies were to come under fire for their practices, resulting in serious restrictions for future drilling. Since so much of the Western economy relies on oil, this could be yet another pocket of air that becomes deflated in an already fragile economy.

However, as Uranus made its final journey through the end of Pisces, starting in late December 2010 and into 2011, a totally unexpected factor (a typical Uranian effect) came into play, related to the issue of oil. Several countries in North Africa and the Middle East suddenly began exploding in revolution! From minor protests to all-out armed rebellion, populations in previously stable countries were suddenly erupting with demands for more democratic control over their lives.

Many of these countries had been suppliers of oil to other parts of the world, sending world oil markets into a nervous state of worry about what might happen to the reliable flow of oil. Again, as I write this in March 2011, the outcome of this situation is far from settled, and Uranus' final entrance into Aries is only likely to increase the uncertainty of this situation. If Aries is seen as energy in general, Uranus could force us to radically change our sources and management of that energy. This is a trend that has already begun, with the gradual shift to wind power and non-fossil fuels, but there is still much work to be done and the bastions of fossil fuels are not likely to be left behind gladly or amicably.

Premonitions of Uranus Square Pluto?

Nuclear energy could also come under increased scrutiny as Uranus moves through Aries. On the very day that Uranus made its second and final entrance into Aries, on March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by an 9.0 earthquake followed by a hugely destructive tsunami. Although Japan experiences frequent earthquakes, this was the worst in its history. One very disturbing consequence was an explosion at a nuclear energy plant in the most heavily affected region of the quake, with reports of over 1000 times the acceptable radiation levels, and the alarming possibility of a nuclear meltdown occurring as a result of the blast and other damage. (Who in their right mind builds a nuclear plant in an earthquake zone???) As I write this in March 2011, it is unknown just how much damage has been done or how bad the consequences will be.

It is worrisome that we could be hearing whispers of Uranus' approaching square to Pluto (nuclear energy). Although this transit will not become exact until 2012-2015, we are certainly in the gravity of its effects now. By the grace of whatever Powers That Be and our prevailing better judgments, we just might be spared the worst possible scenario of this planetary combination. In the meantime, our collective alarm bells should be ringing loudly about the dangers and risks of how we acquire and manage the world's energy, based on the disasters that have occurred at both ingresses of Uranus into Aries, with Uranus in such close proximity to a stressful aspect to Pluto.

It seems as if Uranus in Aries calls our bluff. It takes whatever we take for granted, which is inflated with too little substance to support it, and it pops the bubble and lets the air out of it. Unlike Saturn, which can create a similar result through a blocking, pruning back or contracting effect, Uranus achieves this by poking at the weakest spot or punching at the cracks in the armor. The structure then often collapses like the proverbial house of cards.

Uranus is therefore a bit like your friendly neighborhood cosmic "building inspector." If the foundation of your system or your life has been eaten away by termites, then you need to rebuild. And before you rebuild, you often need to first tear down what is there and clear away the debris to make room for what will come later. If Uranus in Aries pops the bubble that is too weak to remain intact, then perhaps it is wise to stick with the stronger bubbles — whatever is tried and true. But neither Uranus nor Aries is prone to going backwards. Their priority is to keep moving forward. It's up to us to proceed with increased mindfulness of the risks, openness to fresh ideas, and willingness to invent new solutions to ever changing problems.

There's a helluva wild adventure awaiting us. At times it will feel like we're skiing down a live volcano. Just be sure to bring your asbestos suit and helmet. It'll be one for the history books!

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