Chart for the Full Moon in Libra

Balancing on the Edge of the Wedge

Libra seeks balance which is meant to be lovely and peaceful, but getting there can mean change and sometimes upset. This Full Moon in Libra offers so many options to rebalance your life, you may want to try them all ...provided you don't get stuck in indecision. ;-)


The universe, they say, depended for its operation on the balance of four forces which they identified as charm, persuasion, uncertainty, and bloody-mindedness.
~ Terry Pratchett , The Light Fantastic


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Apr. 16, 2022, 2:55 PM EDT

London, UK:

Apr. 16, 2022, 7:55 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

Apr. 17, 2022, 4:55 AM AEST


A Full Moon in Libra is about balance on many levels. Any Full Moon is when the Moon opposes the Sun, and the opposition aspect itself is about balancing a difference in priorities, intentions and interests. It typically takes place in signs that oppose each other.

On one hand, the opposed signs are polarized through mutually exclusive values or objectives, so there is tension there. In this case, it's Libra versus Aries – We versus Me, cooperation versus self-sufficiency, and weighing options versus acting on impulse.

On the other hand, opposing signs share the same modality and have compatible elements—Cardinal Air and Cardinal Fire, in this case—so they do have some common ground that can bridge the mutually exclusive qualities.

Cardinal signs are goal oriented and aim for purposeful action. Air is about communication, perception, and social connection—in Libra's case, focused especially on interpersonal interaction and relationship. Fire is about enthusiasm, motivation, and action—in Aries' case, especially directed toward spontaneity, driven by what you want, and meeting life with courage.

So, a Full Moon with the Sun/Moon in Aries/Libra raises opportunities to confront the ways we are struggling to find a beneficial and productive balance between conflicting interests. For instance, on a global scale the Aries/Libra focus right now may bring a sharper focus to the war-and-peace struggles going on in Ukraine and elsewhere.

On a personal level, you may need to examine the state of your own interests and priorities versus those around you, especially whom you are closely connected to. It's a time to check in with how well you're interacting with others, whether you're getting what you need and want out of that connection, and what else you might need to make it more rewarding.

This might involve an intimate relationship you're in, or other people who are important to you (loved ones, business partners, close friends, etc). You might need to focus on the balance between different parts within yourself, or between you and the world around you or the Universe itself.

Somehow, we'll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are.
~ Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

Trying to balance an object that has only 2 "legs" is super tricky. Think of a picture frame. If you try to stand it up, it's going to fall down unless you can position it so precisely that it has perfect equilibrium, and even then you pray that the slightest breeze doesn't knock it over. It needs an extra "leg" to make it stand up, or something to lean it against.

In the same way, an opposition on its own tends to be hyper-reactive, polarizing, and tipping easily one way or the other. But add a third planet in aspect to both opposing planets and now you have something that can stand on its own. The third planet creates an aspect pattern that has a triangular shape.

A 3-legged stool is more stable than a stool with 4 legs. Why? Overall, a 4-legged structure is the strongest and most stable but is so rigid that it can't adapt to an bumpy floor, so it wobbles annoyingly. A 3-legged structure, however, can adapt more easily to an uneven surface. (That said, there are many reasons why we don't often see 3-legged chairs or furniture. For one thing, our butts aren't triangularly shaped and sitting on a 3-legged stool or chair can be awkward and a bit tippy.)

So, like a 3-legged stool the third planet—usually referred to as the apex planet—creates a more stable, manageable group of energies than just 2 planets on their own. For better or worse, a 3-legged aspect pattern is easier to work with than just two. The apex planet will create an offset of energy that may distract from the opposition tension, or could help resolve it by providing fresh options, or it might provide support to the opposing planets, or it may be seen as a common "enemy" and thereby unite the opposing planets. In any case, it breaks the deadlock of the opposition.

There is always a choice available with us to ignore the comments of others and move on. The other option is to indulge in a tiring and pointless defense. Do you really need to prove someone wrong or yourself right?
~ Sukant Ratnakar, Quantraz

We have just about every kind of 3-legged aspect creature in the Full Moon chart. There's a T-square to Pluto, a Wedge to Saturn and a Wedge to Mars, a Hard Wedge to Venus, and an Irritation Wedge to Neptune and Jupiter. So, take your pick – there's something here for everyone. ;-)

T-square to PlutoThe T-square creates stability through action, motion and tension. The apex planet is on equally bad terms with both side of the opposition – Pluto in a conflicting square aspect (90°) with both the Sun and the Moon in this case. Pluto in Capricorn will likely attempt to stabilize the volatile opposition by trying to control it.

Having problems with a loved one? Pluto may prefer to dominate and take command of the options. This can often create more problems than it solves, but if you're dealing with a situation that's out of control, it might be necessary to come to a stern decision about what you will and won't agree to. That said, if the other person won't cooperate, it might be best to "vote with your feet" and walk away, rather than try to force the other person to comply with your demands.

Wedge aspect pattern to SaturnSaturn forms the apex of a Wedge aspect pattern. Here, Saturn is on equally good terms with the opposing planets through a trine aspect to the Moon (120°) and a sextile to the Sun (60°). In this case, Saturn in Aquarius may suggest that resolving the Aries/Libra differences might work better in a group situation, or might benefit from some detachment and objectivity. Saturn's serious demeanour could recommend that cooler heads prevail by slowing down your heated reactions (Aries) and being willing to negotiate reasonably (Libra).

Wedge aspect pattern to MarsMars is just over the line into Pisces (April 14), having all but left Saturn behind in the dust after their conjunction (April 4). However, Mars is well within orb with the Moon and Sun to form another Wedge figure. In fact, the Sun and Mars linger in a long-lived sextile from April 14 to May 30 (5° orb), becoming exact on May 7. The message from Mars in Pisces is to recommend we "go with the flow," with the emphasis on "go." In other words, don't let Saturn hold you back beyond a reasonable caution – Mars is there to make sure you don't get stuck, and in Pisces he will encourage you to behave on your best behaviour and in context with your highest ideals. Just be careful not to chase after illusions in your desire to move forward despite Saturn's reservations.

Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.
~ Vincent van Gogh

Venus is the planetary ruler of our Libra Full Moon, so whatever she is up to will reflect back on the Full Moon energy. Venus in Pisces is exalted, meaning that she is dressed in her Sunday best and glowing with fairy dust while in that sign. Venus has a very tight octile aspect to the Sun (a.k.a. semisquare or 45°), and tri-octile to the Moon (sesquiquadrate or 135°), which forms a Hard Wedge aspect pattern with the Full Moon axis.

Hard Wedge pattern to VenusIn general, this aspect figure is tense, frustrating and a bit rough like sand paper, somewhat similar to a T-square. There is a conflict of interest happening, but considering Venus' dignified status and her naturally cooperative demeanour, it's probably not irresolvable. Venus will annoy the Aries Sun by reminding us that no one is an island and no one exists in isolation, as much as Aries would like to be.

The Libra Moon thinks she has the answer that Venus will approve – it's connection with people, social interaction, exchanging good vibes – and she's not wrong. However, the Pisces side of Venus wants to remind us that all connection, interaction and alliance takes place within a greater whole – it's not just about that one-on-one interplay.

What we do has implications and significance that impacts the world around us. We are part of Something Greater Than Ourselves, and what we do, how we do it, why we do it – it all matters. What we put out counts, whether we're talking about direct cause-and-effect within physical reality, or a magical kind of electricity that lights up an invisible realm that connects everything in existence.

So, Venus in Pisces may keep us a bit off-balance by insisting that we conduct ourselves in a way that speaks to and invokes the magnitude of this greater context. For example, when you interact with the cashier at the store, know that whatever you're putting out may well have a wider impact than just those few seconds. It might pile onto an already bad day that feels like a huge weight they must bear, or it could bring a welcome relief to their stressful life that helps them get through the day. We just don't know what someone is carrying inside themselves that we don't see.

Another example: when you talk with your spouse or Significant Other, whether you're just saying hey or you're having a fight, Venus in Pisces may encourage you to speak and respond from the best version of yourself you want to be. With Libra and Pisces, there's always a risk of projecting your own subconscious "stuff" onto the other person, so it helps to start from a baseline of self-honesty. That doesn't mean you can't get mad or argue or disagree or object, but try to stay aware of what you're thinking and feeling and what you genuinely want from the situation.

Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead.
~ Louisa May Alcott

Jupiter and Neptune are embracing within a 1° orb from April 7 to 17, between 22 to 25 degrees of Pisces, and reached their closest conjunction on April 12 at 23:58 of Pisces. Their wider 8° influence has been building since March 3 and will linger until May 28. At the moment, they are still partile at 24° and therefore their music rings crystal clear under the glow of the Libra Full Moon. With Jupiter and Neptune being co-rulers of Pisces, and with a 4-point Stellium currently in Pisces (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune), their larger-than-life presence during the Full Moon is very strong.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune has been a mixed bag of experiences. On one hand, these rulers of Pisces in their own sign bring out a vivid yearning to become immersed in the best of the best, the holiest of holies, the truest of the righteous, and the most unfettered ideal of freedom from anything that might prevent us from attaining our fullest potential. On the other hand, the potential is also very strong for deception, illusion, manipulation, and the slippery belief that integrity can be disregarded if a noble end can be used to justify a dishonest means. And the fact that Jupiter amplifies everything it touches only makes these effects, good or bad, harder to get a handle on.

Irritation Wedge to Jupiter NeptuneJupiter and Neptune form an Irritation Wedge, through a quincunx to the Moon (150°) and a semi-sextile to the Sun (30°). These tricky aspects mean Jupiter and Neptune are in the Sun's and Moon's blind spots – obscured yet calling out to be heard and noticed.

While Venus pokes her finger at the Sun and Moon to remind them of the higher implications of their attitudes and actions, in a similar way Jupiter and Neptune persistently put out a kind of "white noise" in the background. Think of it like a cross between hissing and faint music, which can be irritating because it's indistinct and unclear – hard to hear clearly, yet impossible to tune out.

It's worthwhile to try and listen closely to that "music" because Jupiter and Neptune will be with us for a while yet. They feature significantly in the upcoming eclipses, when they are conjunct the planetary rulers of the eclipses – Solar Eclipse in Taurus (April 30) with Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter, and the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (May 16) with Mars tightly conjunct Neptune.

So, what kind of message is being sent by Jupiter and Neptune being obscurely aspected to the current Full Moon axis? It's like Venus in Pisces reminding us that interactions and relationships invoke a context that is greater than the immediate experience. In a similar way but on an even larger scale, Jupiter and Neptune may seem to call us to a vision of perfection that is so immaculate that it's unattainable to us mere mortals.

On the down-side, this spiritual challenge may be more discouraging than inspiring, stirring up disappointment or shame about our human shortcomings. If this is painful enough, we might be triggered into an all-or-nothing view of ourselves and others that is either beyond reproach or beyond redemption.

On the up-side, this energy might also motivate us to improve our integrity by making a stronger effort to live by the higher principles that we aspire to. Even better, we may sense a truth that at our centre, we are all children of the Universe with the same core of beauty, love and grace, even if it might sometimes be used in a way that's counterproductive, dishonourable or destructive.

Quindecile Yod aspect patternSomewhere in the middle is mystification, confusion or humility that comes with a realization that we're flawed but still a work in progress. We may feel inspired to reach for a sense of clarity that allows us to move forward on a better path. At its best, ambiguity can stimulate our curiosity to find out more, and that curiosity can lead to growth.

This is supported by the Moon in a tight quindecile aspect to Mercury (165°) in Taurus that will seek out information and knowledge that is concrete, factual and reliable. Mercury is also conjunct Uranus (exact on April 18), so our awareness is open to discovering that which is unusual, obscure and paradoxical – definitely qualities of the Piscean realm.

In addition, the Moon is also quindecile to Chiron in Aries, and Mercury is semi-sextile to Chiron, all of which forms what might be called a Quindecile Yod aspect configuration. With Chiron involved, our quest for beauty and balance may need to face the reality that perfection is elusive, perhaps even an illusion. It could be a challenge to come to an acceptance of this shortcoming without abandoning the goal of personal growth and evolution.

There's an obsessive quality to the quindecile aspect, suggesting that the Libra Moon isn't likely to give up easily. Being in Libra, we may feel the urge to fill that need for validation, acceptance and specialness with people who can mirror this back to us, perhaps those who we see as having attained or emulated these qualities themselves. And indeed, this could be helpful – just be careful not to come on so strong in the need for healing, soothing, pleasure and well-being that you risk putting the other person off.

A song composed during tears and sorrows of heart
Will be sung during celebration and feasting.
Do not give up!
~ Dr. Lucas D. Shallua

Sabian Symbol for Libra 27: Airplane hovering overheadThe Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is Libra 27: An airplane hovering overhead. Libra being an Air sign, this symbol reflects the idea of floating on a breeze of thought and perception. Airplanes must keep moving to stay in the air, but this one appears to "hover" and suggests an illusion of effortlessness and lightness, suggesting it must be quite high in the sky. There is a level of lofty detachment and otherworldly grace, reminiscent of ruler Venus in Pisces. This is perhaps a time to take in the grandeur of the sky above the clouds where the Sun always shines. Enjoy it now, since you'll have to land when you arrive at your destination.

This Full Moon is rich with the potential for vagueness, mystery, beauty, indecision, and perhaps some hidden agendas, but there's an abundance of resources to help you find your way through it. Be alert and "read the room" (both inside and out) so that you can gauge what's happening. Start from a baseline of self-honesty and self-acceptance, and then expand this to embrace the human worthiness in others.

And if someone in their behaviour and attitude makes them unworthy in your eyes, or leads you to be unwilling to give your approval and caring, then take some space (physically or mentally) and give yourself permission to still appreciate their inherent humanity from afar.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world needs you. ❤️

Balance. It was all about balance. That had been one of the first things that she had learned: the centre of the seesaw has neither up nor down, but upness and downness flow through it while it remains unmoved. You had to be the centre of the seesaw so the pain flowed through you, not into you. It was very hard. But she could do it!
~ Terry Pratchett, I Shall Wear Midnight


The next update will be for the Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Taurus, on April 30, 2022, with ruling planet Venus exactly conjunct Jupiter and also Neptune in Pisces! See you next time!


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