Chart for New Moon in Leo

The Lion's Roar

The New Moon in Leo roars to life under a brilliant trine aspect to Jupiter. Yet, disruption occurs between the urge to break free of old conventions and the need to retain what's still good about the old. This also has implications for Pope Francis' visit to Canada.


Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' everybody's in the play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day, hey hey
~ Mr. Blue Sky, by Jeff Lynne, Electric Light Orchestra


Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Jul. 28, 2022, 1:55 PM EDT

London, UK:

Jul. 28, 2022, 6:55 PM BST

Sydney, AU:

Jul. 29, 2022, 3:55 AM AEST


Leo the Lion, the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, is famously known for its drama, creativity, magnanimity, and radiant presence. When the New Moon is in Leo, the Moon is conjunct the Sun, both in the Sun's own sign. If you thought Leo on its own was impressive, you're gonna love the New Moon in that sign which focuses all that energy on a personal, emotional level.

So, whatever is happening in your life over the next 4 weeks, during this lunar cycle, is likely to be and feel a bit more dramatic—or melodramatic—than usual.

This can bring up the urge to find activities to express yourself in creative, fun, joyous ways. For example, you might feel drawn to sports or artistry or entertainment. Or you may want to demonstrate your awesome abilities while you soak in the applause and appreciation. Or just do things that reinforce the best qualities in yourself and be open to seeing the best in others.

Leo is also sometimes associated with too much of that feel-good energy, which could come across as arrogance, egotism, self-absorption, and being blinded by one's own light. From the Leo's point of view, this may just be a desire to celebrate life and how that life shines through their consciousness, as well as wanting to share that with the world and help to bring out that joie de vivre in others.

On the other hand, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow. An overly bright presence often masks a wounded sense of self and the shame that can come with it. While it's healthy and beneficial to do things that feel good when you're feeling down or vulnerable, it can become unhealthy if you never find the courage to shine a flashlight into the shadows to face what's there. And if you increase the wattage of your self-esteem, without including some self-honesty and humility, this can act as artificial compensation and you may find the effect is not what you'd hoped for.

So, the New Moon in Leo is one of those times when you are supported by the Universe to do a bit of both – throw open a window to refresh your self-esteem and confront some of the darkness that has clouded your outlook about life and your self-image.

Jupiter Trine the Sun and Moon

Hey you with the pretty face
Welcome to the human race
A celebration, Mr. Blue Sky's up there waitin'
And today is the day we've waited for
~ Mr. Blue Sky, by Jeff Lynne, Electric Light Orchestra

All that Leo sunshine is made all the brighter by Jupiter closely trine the Sun and Moon. Think of it like shining a golden spotlight on our Lion's glistening mane. This combination is a quintessential feel-good energy, having benevolent Jupiter in an upbeat interaction with the magnanimous Sun in Leo. It raises visions of Santa Claus, or basking on the beach under the sun, or just feeling that satisfying glow of how good life can/could be.

Jupiter's basic energy has a natural trine-like feel to it, opening up the floodgates to allow anything and everything to flow freely. At its best, this energy can crank up the volume of your confidence, faith, hope and imagination. It aims to expand your field of spiritual vision and illuminate the possibilities ahead, which in turn reveal opportunities that you can choose to take advantage of. Jupiter makes promises but it still takes hard work and commitment to manifest them, usually with the help of Saturn (more about Saturn later).

New Moon trine JupiterSo, we could think of Jupiter as the Photoshop of the cosmos which takes your image of yourself and life, and increases the saturation of colours and the contrast, and adjusts the focus, to show you the best possible picture of what could be.

Right now, everything that Jupiter does is even more amplified, elevated, uplifted, inflated, expanded and heightened. That's because Jupiter is stationary turning retrograde, officially changing direction almost precisely when the New Moon is exact.

Any planet's energy is supercharged when it's stationary (plus and minus up to a week or more). Its energy gathers and radiates intensity as it hovers in the same degree on the ecliptic (zodiac circle). It's very fitting that when Jupiter is stationary it's always trine the Sun, since this amplifies Jupiter's natural trine-like influence.

The result could be a supremely awesome time to plan a party or other festivities, since most people's mood is likely to be upbeat and looking for ways to celebrate the best that life has to offer. That said, there's so much of this energy that it's wise to ensure things don't overboard. A little Saturn can be a good thing, as it can help you avoid situations where, as an example, you might be tempted to drive home drunk.

Saturn and Mercury

Never rush to be the first. Slow down and be your best. Life is not a race. It's a playground to radiate your uniqueness.
~ Hiral Nagda

Thankfully, Saturn is ready to step in if things start to get out of hand. Mercury in Leo is opposite Saturn in Aquarius, which can help you remember that rules, standards and social conventions can actually be your friend. Our inner Jupiter and Leo energy usually prefers everything to be upbeat and free, so it may feel like the Mercury-Saturn opposition is a buzzkill, but there are reasons why Saturn is actually a Good Guy in this case.

Merury opposite SaturnSaturn generally wants to slow things down, and while he's in Aquarius this is done to (at least try to) protect and preserve the public good, the greater good. On the other hand, Leo isn't primarily concerned about the collective – it's looking for validation, appreciation and recognition on a personal level. So you might feel a struggle between your personal longing for delight (Jupiter trine Sun-Moon) and your obligation to the world around you as a dutiful citizen (Mercury-Saturn).

With Mercury in Leo, your urge may be to express yourself creatively, dramatically, joyfully, or in a way that displays who you are in your best light. But then, under Saturn's stern stare, you might feel somewhat inhibited, shy, serious or constricted due to feeling you have to live up to certain standards.

So, this transit could leave you feeling like your style is being cramped, as if you have to stay home and clean the house while everyone else goes out to party. On the more constructive side, this transit also encourages you to take responsibility for what you say and how you say it, which can maximize success and minimize problems.

Stationary Jupiter trine the Sun and Moon could entice you to go-go-go with little regard for consequences, which means Mercury-Saturn can actually be a very helpful counter-balance. Think of it as a mechanism for sober second thought that helps you fine-tune and tap into your better judgment, while still giving yourself permission to look on and act from the bright side.

Mars, Uranus and North Lunar Node

What’s stopping you from moving forward? The need to be certain. Certainty is prison. Break free and you’ll be free.
~ Richie Norton

However, Mercury and Saturn have more to contend with than just an ultra-enthusiastic Jupiter who's high on life. Forming a T-square aspect pattern with Mercury and Saturn is a triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Lunar Node. Just on its own, the Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction is a powerful one! The North Node brings into focus whatever it touches, like a North Star guiding us toward our most relevant destination.

T-squareThe Mars-Uranus-Node alignment is not your garden-variety triple conjunction – it's quite rare (from 15 to 100+ years apart!) and can be quite volatile. Mars goes for action, preferably fast and courageous. Uranus goes for shaking things up, ideally in a way that makes room for potent change to burst forth. The North Node says "follow me and learn something new."

Mars and Uranus in Taurus are determined to disrupt what is normal and stable (and boring!). And being conjunct the North Node, they believe this is their sacred calling—and it might well be. However, Mercury and Saturn, T-squared to Mars-Uranus-Node, are equally determined to keep the chaos to a minimum, which leads Mars and Uranus to fight even harder to ensure that their mission is not squelched.

This is a T-square in Fixed signs, so there's a chance that all this conflicting energy could result in an intense stalemate – the drive for change deadlocked with the drive for preservation. If we can get these energies to work in co-operation with each other, they can be a powerful force to manage change with a minimum of unnecessary collateral damage.

Mer-Curious versus Saturn and Uranus

Masterpieces are made when a broken person makes something with their scattered pieces.
~ Lidia Longorio, Hey Humanity

rototillerMars conjunct Uranus at the North Node implies we are attempting to break through something that is blocking our path. Being in Earthy Taurus, it brings to mind the idea of tilling or breaking up the soil – making it more malleable so that new growth can more easily take root there. That said, although this is a time-honoured tradition, it is now seen as a less effective method due to excessive damage. Alternative ways of caring for the soil are now considered a more sustainable form of farming.

The Mercury-Saturn opposition in the T-square pattern is kind of like those alternative methods of farming – new ideas that can minimize the disruption while still supporting new growth. Saturn in Aquarius is okay with change as long as it can be sustained with a minimal loss of what is good about the old order. And Mercury in Leo is happy to explore creative ideas that Saturn can try out in building a new foundation. The trick is to not get stuck in thinking there can be only one solution and only one winner in the individual-versus-collective dichotomy.

Therefore, during this time there could be old unresolved issues that suddenly flare up. At best, this can be a healing crisis where the air is cleared, and heartfelt desires and emotions can flow freely. The not-so-best potential means this T-square could rip open past wounds and reinforce old grudges. This disruption could simply be trying to keep things flexible and workable, although it's important to avoid getting stuck in the polarized chaos, like the "blame game." If the ideal outcome isn't possible, it may be best to frame the reality as a work in progress – taking initial steps for change while leaving the door open for future evolution.

Mercury square UranusAnother notable part of the T-square is an exact Mercury-Uranus square (0:15 orb). In addition, their electrified connection is made even more sizzling because Mercury, Uranus and the Node are also tightly parallel by declination. Mercury and Uranus at their best can bring your mind into sharp focus, picking up on out-of-the-box ideas and details, as well as the hilarious aspects of just about any situation. On the other hand, your mind may race in all directions, making it harder to make practical sense of what you're thinking and perceiving.

Mercury parallel UranusThrough the T-square, Mercury is tangled up with both Saturn and Uranus. Saturn's role can be helpful in slowing down those Uranian thoughts enough to allow them to be constructive and useful. However, because Saturn and Uranus are very different energies, your frame of mind could be subject to confusion, stress, discouragement, or even a bit of panic. You may find you are ultra-sensitive to controversy, disagreement, expectations or arbitrary rules. You might struggle to gauge whether to respond to the greater context of the Big Picture or to stay focused within your here-and-now personal surroundings.

On the positive side, though, this contradictory cross-section of energies can provide a fertile breeding ground for creative ideas and insights. It may be helpful to just play with ideas, find the humour in the situation, or use your imagination to come up with new ways to use the complication and complexity in creative ways.

Pope Francis' Visit to Canada

If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth.
~ Timothy B. Tyson, Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story

These transits leading up to and including the New Moon in Leo coincide with Pope Francis' historic visit to Canada from July 24-29, 2022. He has been expected to apologize for the horrors and abuses endured by Indigenous children in Indian Residential Schools, most of which were operated by or on behalf of the Catholic Church (as well as other denominations).

NOTE: This topic can be very triggering for some people, especially those who have a personal connection to the topic. There are numerous resources for support available 24/7, including the Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419, and other services provided by the Government of Canada. There are also other resources available for mental health support for everyone in Canada or Internationally.

These transits interact with Canada's chart in fascinating ways. There are several possible charts for Canada. The most commonly used chart is for when Confederation came into effect at midnight on July 1, 1867, which is the date celebrated as Canada Day. This chart (July 1, 1867, 12:00 AM LMT, Ottawa, Canada) has some significant astrological connections with the Pope's visit.

I've written a more in-depth article about the astrology of the Pope's visit, with special attention paid to the chart for when he began his speech of apology on Monday, July 25th, and other transits to Canada's chart: The Astrology of Pope Francis in Canada. There are a number of key points which I'll reiterate here, but for more information check out my other article.

The current stationary Jupiter trine the Sun-Moon is very significant since Canada was also born under a Sun-Jupiter trine, although in different signs. This visit has activated a hopeful, celebratory spirit in Canada, as well as brought into focus the role of religion in the forming and development of Canada. However, current t-Jupiter (transiting Jupiter) is actually square Canada's n-Sun (natal Sun), which indicates conflicting views about the event and possibly giving rise to disappointment.

There is a double-mirrored transit between Chiron and Neptune, where t-Chiron is currently conjunct n-Neptune and t-Neptune is conjunct n-Chiron. In addition, t-Chiron is exactly conjunct the n-Ascendant. These transits to Canada's chart are remarkable, and certainly speak of hidden wounds being brought to the surface where they must be acknowledged and addressed. The Pope's visit has served to highlight the overall damage inflicted on all Indigenous people in Canada, particularly the children who were dragged from their families and forced to attend the Indian Residential Schools where they were subjected to abuses of all kinds.

In addition, the t-Mars-Uranus-Node alignment is conjunct Canada's n-Pluto and opposite n-Saturn. Uranus being a slow-moving planet, this transit to Canada's Pluto remains within an 8° orb from March 2021 to May 2024, indicating this is a longer, deeper process than just about Residential Schools or this papal visit. For example, the shocking revelation of thousands of possible graves, marked and unmarked, on the grounds of former Residential Schools has coincided with t-Uranus conjunct n-Pluto.

Read my article for more information about this event: The Astrology of Pope Francis in Canada

Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol for Leo 6Sabian Symbol for Leo 6: An old fashioned woman and a flapper, OR A conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a "hippie" girl.

Both versions of this symbol are a bit amusing in their use of rather archaic imagery and language. Blain Bovee (The Sabian Symbols and Astrological Analysis) explains that a "flapper" refers to a young woman from the 1920s or 'Roaring Twenties' whose appearance, activities and lifestyle were designed to break free of old conventions and become modern. The second wording above is by Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) which he says shows "the ever-changing pageant of social values." The present becomes the past, the new becomes old, and a fresh new present forms that differentiates itself from the past. Life never stands still (for long), so it can help to look at it all in context. The only constant is change.

A Creative Beginning – Now What?

With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.
~ Desiderata, by Max Ehrmann

New Moon coming In-boundsThe Moon at the New Moon in Leo is just returning from being Out of Bounds by declination, but when the Pope's visit began, the Moon was quite far OOB. So, as the Moon comes back In-Bounds at the New Moon, we are reaping the harvest of what the Moon gathered from the high reaches of the OOB stratosphere.

In other words, we are debriefing the experiences and events that occurred during the OOB Moon. Since this coincides with the New Moon which initiates a new cycle, we can probably expect the coming 4 weeks to contain many revelations and realizations, insights and opinions, inspiration and motivation.

For Canada in particular, this post-event evaluation will likely be full of dialogues, disagreements, analysis, and a quest for answers that can take us forward with a renewed perspective on healing. With all the intense, overwhelming, deep emotions that have come up during that time, there's a lot to process. The New Moon in Leo provides an opportunity to find creative, innovative and meaningful ways to express those feelings, explore them, and integrate them into the journey ahead.

The T-square aspect pattern, with the Mars-Uranus-Node conjunction squaring the Mercury-Saturn opposition, drives us to find a fresh sense of purpose that embraces the new without trashing the old – one that strives for stability without sacrificing flexibility.

Mars contra-parallel SaturnPart of that T-square involves Mars square Saturn which stays within an 8° orb from July 27 to August 19, and is exact on August 7. Although just at a wide orb now, their combined energies are reinforced by a virtually exact contra-parallel by declination (just 0:02 orb apart!) at the moment of the New Moon.

Mars and Saturn in a stressful relationship is one of the more difficult planetary combinations. I believe it was the late, great Donna Cunningham who aptly described it as being like "driving with the brakes on." Lots of frustration and contradictory urges. The drive to move ahead but being held back by circumstances or inhibition.

However, when these two planets can find a way to work co-operatively, they are a powerhouse of productivity and a force to be reckoned with. The trick is to be willing to take action within the bounds of the reality of your situation, to be patient and work cooperatively with the limitations of that situation.

And finally, the New Moon in Leo presents two different impulses – one of hope (stationary Jupiter trine the New Moon) and one of struggle (T-square). Yet, this is Leo! None of this is worth much if we don't allow ourselves to dance with an open heart in celebration of all that's good about life. Listen for your inner joy – and if you can't hear joy, then listen for gladness or gratitude. Watch for the moments of blue skies between the clouds, and remember that the sky never stays the same – storms pass eventually. Do what you need to do to keep a candle of hope and love lit in your heart, and warm yourself on it when you need to.

The next update will be for the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 11, 2022. In the meantime, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world most definitely needs you. ❤️

Mr. Blue, you did it right
But soon comes Mr. Night creepin' over
Now his hand is on your shoulder
Never mind, I'll remember you this
I'll remember you this way
~ Mr. Blue Sky, by Jeff Lynne, Electric Light Orchestra



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