Chart for New Moon in Capricorn

An Acceptable Chaos

With 600 or so planets in Capricorn you'd think the New Moon would feel heavy and strict. And there's a wild, chaotic edge right now. But there are also brilliant opportunities to hope, feel free, dream, and receive a more tender touch from the Universe.



Ottawa, Canada and
Washington DC, USA:

Dec. 23, 2022, 5:16 AM EST

London, UK:

Dec. 23, 2022, 10:16 AM GMT

Sydney, AU:

Dec. 23, 2022, 9:16 PM AEDT

I'm beginning to think that to hope isn't the same as to expect something. To hope is to believe that life is an acceptable chaos.
~ Goenawan Mohamad, Pagi dan Hal-Hal yang Dipungut Kembali

Happy Solstice!

This New Moon happens just 36 hours after the Capricorn Solstice, when the Sun enters Capricorn. It's also when (from our perspective on Earth) the Sun is aligned with the southernmost point of our planet, marking the start of summer for those south of the equator and winter for those north of it.

Capricorn and its opposite sign Cancer are the extremes of how far north and south the Sun can go. Put another way, the Sun is at its farthest declination, and after reaching this it turns and heads back toward the equator again. We mark these solar limits geographically as the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

As such, the Solstices symbolize turning points in the unfolding of events, goals, intentions and priorities. The energy of the previous season, as it has built toward fruition, has been taken as far as it can go and now it's time to work with that energy from another perspective.

At the Cancer Solstice, the archetype shifts from developing of who we are as a separate human being (Aries, Taurus, Gemini), to who we are in relation to others (Cancer, Leo, Virgo). Hence, Cancer signifies our first personal experience with that – our family, our home.

At the Capricorn Solstice, the archetype shifts from what can be accomplished in connection with others (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius), to being part of the gestalt of life and what we can achieve collectively (Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces).

planet jupiterJupiter

The Sun is the gravitational centre of our solar system, and astrologically of our conscious self. It's who we experience ourselves as within, and the sense of self that we bring into the outside world.

However, there's far more to life than just our personal participation in it, and there's more to who we are and more to our journey as evolving beings. The transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and a million or so dwarf planets and asteroids in the Kuiper Belt) symbolize that "Something More." If Jupiter is the conduit by which we connect to Something Greater Than Ourselves, then the transpersonal planets represent different facets of that "Something."

New Moon, Jupiter and UranusSo it takes on special significance that the Sun-Moon conjunction (the New Moon) is in a stressful/dynamic aspect to both Jupiter (by square aspect: 90°) and Uranus (by sesqui-quadrate aspect: 135°).

Jupiter just made his final entry into Aries (Dec. 20) and currently hovers just a quarter-degree into that sign. That gives Jupiter some powerful yet raw energy. It's like a burst of "I AM!" Or if your self-esteem or optimism or inspiration are sagging, it might feel more like "I am??" or "Who am I again?"

I say "again" because we had this same transit of Jupiter entering Aries back on May 10 of this year. So, in the 7 months since then, what have you discovered? You might have spent the last 2 months, when Jupiter was in Pisces and close enough to feel the aura of Neptune, thinking about your dreams.

Maybe you've been wondering what happened to them, or you've been reminded of visions long forgotten, or perhaps wistfully wishing that life could be as easy as just floating down a stream on a colourful autumn leaf. Well, now that Jupiter is back in action-oriented Aries, it's time to figure out what to do with—or about—those dreams and visions.

With the New Moon in tight square aspect to Jupiter, it sets up an argument between bursting forth and cautiously hanging back, instinctively taking action versus calculating the steps first. Which is better to do? Jupiter says, "I'm a new energy, being at the starting degree of the zodiac. My way should win." The Capricorn New Moon says, "Oh ya? Well we're at the start of a cycle too, and nothing you do will succeed if you don't plan ahead and anticipate possible problems. So there."

The truth is that both have a crucial ingredient to make it all work. The New Moon (along with 600 or so other planets in Capricorn) knows how to plan for the long haul, how to put something into action so that it will endure. Jupiter in Aries contributes the willpower and energy necessary to avoid getting stuck in planning-mode. The friction between them can generate the heat needed to keep you moving forward.

What would that look like? If you like making New Year's resolutions, this energy is the fuel that can help you combine solid intentions with the will to actually follow through on them (well, some of them...). At the end of the year, most of us think ahead to what we want the coming year to be, so – where do you want to be a year from now? What would you like to look back at the end of 2023 and see that you've accomplished? It might be career, it might be about getting your life organized and stabilized, or it might be how to balance increased responsibility with the fulfilment that comes with doing something meaningful in your life.

What is the yearning that's driving you to want to create something new in your life going forward into a new year? Although the Capricorn New Moon says you need to be grounded, disciplined, responsible, practical and serious, Jupiter in Aries is here to tell you it's possible—even necessary—to have both hard work and excited vision. You'll need to focus on the steps that will take you to your destination and listen to the instinctive, spontaneous part of you that sees and seizes on a good opportunity.

So, don't let Capricorn energy hide your light under a bushel. By the same token, don't let wild Jupiter ignore the wisdom of Capricorn's caution.

planet uranusUranus

Then there's Uranus too, who is in a challenging aspect to the New Moon (sesqui-quadrate, or a square-and-a-half) and to Jupiter (semi-square, or half-a-square). Uranus, famous for his over-the-top spontaneity, is pulling on the New Moon and saying he'll make sure that Capricorn energy doesn't get stuck in the same old boring stuff of doing what's expected of you and always colouring inside the lines. Uranus wants to scribble all over the page and maybe the walls too!

So you'd think Uranus and Jupiter would be natural allies, right? But they're at odds with each other. Here's a theory. While the rebellious and freedom-seeking part of us longs to break free, corresponding Uranus is in Fixed Earth sign Taurus, which is a lot more like Capricorn than Uranus. So it may be that the Uranus part of us wants to break free of the usual familiar territory but can only go so far – kind of like a dog on a chain long enough to sniff out the neighbour's garden but not long enough to dig up the tulip bulbs.

Compare that to Jupiter in Cardinal Fire sign Aries who is blessed with dynamic energy and the freedom to go in pretty much any direction it wants to go. So Uranus glares jealously over at Jupiter, thinking, "Kids these days, they just run wild."

All in all, the parts of yourself that correspond to the Capricorn New Moon, Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Aries, together create friction enough to be uncomfortable, irritating and frustrating—unless you channel that into a clear idea of where you want to go, what it will look like when you get there successfully, and how you plan to get from here to there. Of course, there's liable to be both – discomfort and motivation – but the key is to keep bringing it back to where, what and how.

planet saturnSaturn

As the planetary ruler of the Capricorn New Moon, Saturn has a special seat at the table. Normally Saturn kind of stomps around lugging a big club that he uses to knock things out of his way ...or maybe to play golf, I'm not sure. But the point is he's not known for his subtlety or delicate touch. So right now his job description is not the easiest in the world, despite him being strongly placed in his other sign of Aquarius.

Little Eye aspect patternThe reason is that Saturn is part of an aspect pattern that Huber Astrology calls the Little Eye or the Little Ear. This configuration has two planets in sextile (60°) and a third planet is in semi-sextile (30°) to both. In this case we have Mercury sextile Neptune, with Saturn at the apex in semi-sextile to each.

It's almost like an inverted Yod – instead of the apex planet having quincunx aspects (150°) to the sextile planets, it has semi-sextile aspects. And the combined effect is a bit similar, in that it's about having to think indirectly and creatively rather than directly and logically. The Little Eye acts like a satellite dish with delicate sensitivity that picks up on subtle information.

In this case Mercury is sextile Neptune, bringing opportunities to work with creative ideas, imaginative thinking, and flowing intuition. Along comes Saturn at the apex between them, reminding the other two that whatever they're doing with that lovely stardust energy, it needs to be workable in physical reality with its unfortunate rules and limitations if you want it to be anything more than a dreamy sojourn.

In this case, Saturn is also in Aquarius, the sign of the collective, rebellion, and visions of future possibilities. This adds an edge of greater context to the potential of Mercury-Neptune. In other words, you may be extra sensitive to the collective imagination with its somewhat chaotic mixture of idealism, demand for change, and conflicts over which is the status quo and which is the rebellion against it.

planet marsParallel & Out Of Bounds

We've had 3 planets continually Out of Bounds (OOB) by declination since the beginning of December – Mercury, Venus and Mars – and the Moon has joined them twice during that time. Out of Bounds means the planet's alignment above or below our equator goes past the maximum declination of the Sun. Since the Sun as CEO of the solar system defines the boundaries of the status quo, moving outside of that means the planet tends to make up its own rules and agenda outside of the norm. As mentioned in the Gemini Full Moon update (Dec. 7) OOB planets tend to behave in extreme ways, colouring outside the lines, and generally sneaking outside the designated playground.

With multiple planets in this condition over a prolonged period, we have seen such rare and unprecedented events as Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressing the US Congress, the January 6th Committee recommending criminal charges be brought against a former US president, and a "tripledemic" of 3 potentially deadly viruses.

Multiple parallel planetsVenus is the most recent one to step outside the boundary (Dec. 1 to 24). Negotiations, agreements, money matters, and relationships and interactions, tend to bring events and conditions that are unusual, extreme or innovative. Although only one factor of many, it's worth noting that Venus is OOB during a time of alarmingly high inflation, although interestingly it seems to be gradually getting under control during this time.

Mercury went Out of Bounds a week before Venus, and is the first to come back In-Bounds (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21). While OOB Mercury tends to behave as if he's retrograde, with his signature communication confusion, mental Swiss cheese, and atypical awareness and observations.

Mars is Out the longest, for almost 7 months! (Oct. 22, 2022, to May 5, 2023) For much of this time he is also retrograde (Oct. 30 to Jan. 12), which is a double-whammy of intense energy. Under this extreme Mars, we have seen some rather chilling and jaw-dropping incidents of violence.

For example, here in Toronto Canada there were 2 shocking incidents on Dec. 17-18. One was a mass shooting that killed 5 people. And just hours before this, 8 teenage girls, ages 13-16, swarmed and murdered a man as he tried to protect a friend from them. The girls are suspected of also being involved in other violent incidents that night. On a more positive but still controversial note, Mars' affiliation with athletes and competition is reflected in Argentina's wild victory at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

At the New Moon, there is a traffic jam in Capricorn, both by longitude (sign and degree) and declination (aligned north or south of our equator). There is a Stellium of 5 planets in Capricorn – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto. In addition, these planets (except the Moon) are all clustered together at the southernmost edge of the Sun's declination, aptly known as the Tropic of Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are huddled within a mere 2/3 of a degree by declination, forming a massive parallel.

The Moon is also in Capricorn, of course, but is not part of the multiple parallel. Instead, the Moon is way Out of Bounds, lifting us emotionally into a more detached heart-space, although this doesn't necessarily mean disconnected. Sometimes stepping back from something means we have the breathing space to feel what we feel more freely.

The effect greatly amplifies and solidifies Capricorn energy, which focuses on manifesting, building, organizing and systemizing things, as well as rules, structure, order and discipline. Since Mercury has just come In-Bounds and Venus comes in the day after the New Moon, this may be a time when (a) it's wise to heed Capricorn's priorities of responsibility and sticking to the tried-and-true ways of doing things, and (b) think of ways you could put to good use some of the ideas, social connections and acts of kindness that crossed your mind over the last few weeks.

planet mercuryChiron & Mercury

As if we really needed something more happening at the New Moon, Chiron is stationary going direct. Solar Fire software calculates this as being a miniscule 45 minutes before the New Moon is exact, which is about as still as you can get! A stationary planet tends to be very intense, which could be a good thing if you're ready to put it into action, or could be a difficult thing if you're struggling with things related to the planet.

In this case Chiron often manifests around health issues, and goodness knows there are some serious concerns out there right now to be wary of. Keep wearing your mask indoors in public places, and if you have symptoms of health problems it's better to stay home. Not the time of year you might want to do that, but think of those who might become sick if you exposed others.

Chiron stationary-direct sextile Mars retrogradeChiron in Aries could also bring out themes to do with courage, identity and putting things into action. Since stationary Chiron is tightly sextile to Mars, watch for opportunities to do things that can heal, revitalize, break free of old habits, and find an inner sense of resolve. Use your powers for good and

Although not stationary (yet) Mercury will turn retrograde in 6 days. No groaning now, this one is mercifully short – just 3 weeks whereas most are about 3½ weeks. Mercury does his about-face on Dec. 29 – get your New Year's plans nailed down now and be ready to be flexible if things go a bit wonky. Mercury returns to direct motion on Jan. 18, 6 days after Mars turns direct (Jan. 12).

Sabian Symbol

Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 2 - Stained glass windowsSabian Symbol for Capricorn 2: Three stained-glass windows, one damaged by bombardment.

This Sabian Symbol sounds an awful lot like Ukraine right now which has been bombarded by Russia missiles for almost a year. The message seems like a warning, yet also a hint for hope. Dane Rudhyar (An Astrological Mandala) sees it as "any individual making violent use of collective power ...will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration." In other words, if you're going to break the rules of civility and respect, you can't expect the status quo not to change as well.

It sounds like a cautionary tale for how we use the Out of Bounds energy right now. It's one thing to break free of the standard rules and expectations, but it's something else to assume it will all be there the way you left it when you decide to come back to it. And yet, the Symbol also gives a reminder that even when you break or lose something of value, all is not lost. One window may be damaged but there are still two left intact, and even the damaged one might be usable and beautiful in its current form. When faced with loss or disappointment, it helps to look for what's still left and to recognize the value of the loss, albeit diminished.

Happy Holidays!

As we wind down 2022 and head toward 2023, send a wish up to the stars for peace, love and kindness in the world. Goodness knows we need it! Be prepared with resources to perform acts of random kindness: A spare pair of gloves for the homeless person you would otherwise pass by on the sidewalk. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line. Hold the door open for someone. Smile at someone for no reason.

Capricorn might be about discipline and rules and hard work, but the structures it seeks to build can still be filled with love, hope and goodwill. Jupiter and Uranus in difficult aspect to the Capricorn New Moon are encouraging us to keep our hearts open, and to see hopeful things on the other side of the here-and-now. Remember that there's more to life than its worst moments, and there's more to each one of us than our worst day.

May your days be merry and bright! See you in 2023!

The next update will be for the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6, 2023. Over the holidays, stay safe. Stay sane. Stay awesome. The world needs you. ❤️

May the light illuminate your hearts and shine in your life every day of the year. May everlasting peace be yours and upon our Earth.
~ Eileen Anglin


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