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Welcome to the new website! Feeling like you just landed on an alien planet?

Give yourself some time to explore the new digs! In the meantime, here is where you'll find features from the old site on the new one.

The site is rearranged, so if you're looking for something from the old website, this table should help. Still can't find what you're looking for? Just ask me!

The biggest change is the website domain name: you'll now find us at Don't worry, the old domain still works ( and will either take you to our new home or provide a link to take you here.

The second biggest change is the Low-Down on the Far-Out. It is now in 2 different places. The New Moon and Full Moon articles are now in the Low-Down blog section, and the day-to-day transits (that followed the article) are in their own section now, called Up2Now.

Daily Sun Sign Horoscopes Daily Sun Sign Horoscopes
Advanced Horoscope - using your birth date Advanced Triple Daily Horoscope
Low-Down on the Far-Out - New/Full Moon articles Low-Down blog
Day-to-day Transits - formerly on the Low-Down page below the New/Full Moon articles Up2Now (as in "What are Those Planets UP TO NOW!?")
Zodiac Sign articles Articles > Zodiac Signs
Articles Articles - Top menu lists all in-depth articles, or one of the sub-menus to read specific topics.
Low-Down - Time-sensitive articles (like New/Full Moons) and brief articles are found here.
Astrology Dictionary Glossary takes you to the index page where you can browse the whole glossary, grouped by topic. Or you can use the special links in the articles to go directly to that term; for example, a Trine aspect or a Grand Trine aspect pattern.
Reports Store Marketplace - The old Report Order page has been restored! In a couple/few months there will be an exciting new store to shop in, so stay tuned!



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