Chart for Full Moon in Leo

Reflections of the Self

The Full Moon in Leo is almost upon us. This Full Moon is the epitome of one's light being reflected back to them. This is true of all Full Moons, but because the Moon is in the Sun's sign of Leo, there's an extra degree of potency in that message...

Chart for New Moon in Aquarius

Transforming Lightning Into Love

Aquarius is everywhere right now! The New Moon is in Aquarius, and is conjunct Pluto which starts to move into Aquarius in 2023. Venus is on intimate terms with both rulers of Aquarius, conjunct Saturn and ruling Uranus. Uranus is stationary, making his defiant nature extra cheeky. And the New Moon begins the Chinese Year of the Rabbit.

Venus by Botticelli

Introducing... Miss Solar System!

Venus has the distinction of being the only planet in our solar system named after a female deity. We might think of the astrological Venus as the quintessential feminine. Like a beauty queen, she is beautiful, loving, charismatic, alluring, and drawn to all that glitters.

Sculpture: Venus and Mars

Heart's Desire, Love, Feelings & Emotions

Since Venus is about love, we might assume that she holds our core feelings and emotions. However, Venus is more specifically about our heart's desire, what we long for, and the delight or sorrow we feel as a result.

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