King Charles III painting by Rajasekharan

The Prince Becomes a King

As you may know by now, Queen Elizabeth II died today, Sept. 8, 2022 in Balmoral Castle. As her family and the world mourns, Prince Charles now becomes King Charles III, and steps into some very large shoes to fill.

Queen Elizabeth II died today, Sept. 8, 2022 in Balmoral Castle. She was the longest-reigning monarch of the UK, having just celebrated a jaw-dropping 70 years on the throne. Although she was for some the face of colonization or controversy, she was also a rock that was a steady foundation for the United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Throughout her 96 years, she was utterly committed to her duty as queen and was absolutely one of a kind. It is truly the end of an era. 🙁 RIP.

The announcement of her death was made today around 6:30 PM BST, according to news media sources, so her actual time of death was perhaps 5-10 minutes earlier? Or more? (Interestingly t-Pluto rose above the t-Ascendant at 6:20 PM.) I haven't seen more precise data than that as yet.

(UPDATE: While I haven't yet heard of an official time of death being released, Lady Colin Campbell (author of several biographies on the royal family) reports in her podcast of Sep. 8th that the time of death was 14:37 BST.)

Prince Charles now becomes King Charles III (this is confirmed as his chosen official name). I looked at his progressed declination graph (see the declination graph below). His p-Sun (progressed Sun) has returned to parallel his n-Sun (natal Sun), becoming precisely exact on Oct. 26, 2022. The Sun is also the ruler of his Leo Ascendant, so these are two factors pointing to a significant change to his identity and how he projects himself out into the world (Sun and Ascendant).

His p-Moon is OOB (Out of Bounds by declination) from Dec. 2018 until Nov. 2023. His p-Ascendant crosses the equator (0 degrees of declination - often a reset/renewal point) in May 2024, indicating that a big reorientation in his life is coming.

In the approximate transit chart for when Queen Elizabeth died (see chart page below), the t-Moon (transiting Moon) is parallel his n-Sun. This happens once a month so it's not a big deal on its own, but it's still an interesting piece of the puzzle. The t-Sun is also parallel his n-Midheaven. This happens a couple of times a year, so it's not likely to be life-altering on its own, but it still shows a focus on career (in this case, from a Prince to a King).

In his natal chart, Charles has a tight Moon-Saturn parallel, suggesting a serious demeanour and a mother with high expectations - he has been well trained for the job of King! In the transit chart, t-Venus is parallel to them both his natal Moon and Saturn. Venus rules his 4th house natally (which sometimes acts as the house of the mother) so in his chart, anything to do with Venus could manifest in relation to the mother.

There are other significant transits involving Venus, including t-Venus cnj n-Saturn, and t-Chiron opp n-Venus and n-Neptune, and t-Chiron cnj the n-Midheaven. Perhaps he's been dreading this inevitable time? Chiron's involvement suggest this may not be simply about grieving the loss of his mother and becoming the royal equivalent of CEO of the family business.

Although not shown in the images below, his sa-Mars (solar arc Mars) is currently opposite his n-Saturn. Note that Mars rules his n-Midheaven and therefore his career. In addition, sa-Neptune is both conjunct n-Jupiter and opp n-Uranus, all of which are at 29 degrees - an important degree often denoting the end of a process. Since he was born with Jupiter (denoting leadership and royalty) and Uranus in the final degrees of their signs, one may wonder if Charles might make significant changes to the monarchy that mark the end of an era and lead to a new one.

For now, it is for King Charles and the royal family to mourn the sudden loss of their long-lived matriarch. My deepest condolences to the royal family and others close to the Queen, as well as to the citizens of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. Queen Elizabeth served her realm with dignity and grace, duty and dedication. May she rest in peace. Long live the King.


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Below is King Charles' natal chart (inner wheel) with Queen Elizabeth's (approximate) death announcement (outer wheel). Below is also a 100-year declination graph showing the parallels of progressed planets for Charles.

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