Chart for Nuclear Fusion

HUGE Scientific Breakthrough!!!

The quest for clean, efficient energy, both for the air and the earth, is one giant step closer! We know the date, time and place that nuclear fusion was first achieved, and the astrology chart tells a very interesting story...


Fusion was achieved in a laboratory for the first time EVER on Monday, December 5, 2022, at "just after 1 AM" in Livermore, California. (Many thanks to Mj Patterson for finding this!) Here's a link to the video where this time is mentioned; the link starts right where the time is mentioned:

Nuclear fusion is the Holy Grail of energy solutions because it generates more energy than is used to create it. It fuses atoms instead of breaking them apart (atomic energy), and does not leave radioactive energy like atomic energy does. So it's seen as extremely clean energy. (President Biden aptly called it "a BFD" – Big F'ing Deal. ha ha)

Okay so, it's an interesting chart! Virgo rising with ruling planet Mercury being Out of Bounds (declination) **AND** partile-conjunct the Galactic Centre. Love it! In fact, 3 planets are OOB (Mercury, Venus and Mars). Talk about pushing the proverbial envelope!

Also, Jupiter is right on the Descendant and in the final degree of Pisces, which seems to reflect a significant expansion of collective knowledge. the Moon is Exalted and conj the North Lunar Node cnj Uranus in the 8th house (collective resources). Uranus in Taurus has been seen by astrologers as a transit when dramatic changes would be made to climate issues (Taurus being about our physical environment).

Mars is the most elevated planet as well as being Out of Bounds in Gemini - breakthrough of information and knowledge. The Sun is parallel Pluto, pointing to nuclear energy. Saturn is contraparallel Uranus, Node and Moon, suggesting an event of manifestation and consequences. And curiously, Neptune is stationary, having turned direct just a couple of days before. Neptune is associated with oil and gas, so perhaps this signifies the inevitable changes that will come to the fossil fuel industries.

Interesting that so many planets and points are in the very late degrees of their signs (Pluto, Mercury, Ascendant, Midheaven and Jupiter). This seems to speak more of the end of a project, which I guess it is. Their primary goal was just to get it to work at all, after working toward it for over 60 years. Now the deeper work begins of making it usable, reliable, practical and available on a mass scale.

I have believed that when Pluto goes OOB next (2025-2035) we would very likely see a breakthrough in energy resources, possibly through a way to use atomic energy (nuclear fission) more safely. This was discovered and first used in the 1930s and early 40s, when Pluto was last able to go OOB -- in and out from 1938 to 1953 -- and more practical ways to use it took place once In-Bounds.

But fusion energy is definitely Pluto as well, so I expect that its upcoming OOB period will involve the experimentation in the use of fusion energy. It's expected that it will be probably decades before it can be used on a mass level, so that fits.

This is huge news that will have dramatic effects in climate change issues. I'm sure we'll hear a lot more about this as we approach Pluto in Aquarius (starting its transition in March of 2023) and Pluto going Out of Bounds. In the meantime, celebrate this historic scientific breakthrough!


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