Plumb Your Depths for Your Highest Truth

In many ways, Jupiter and Pluto bring together opposite extremes: optimism versus oppression, potential versus decay, mere expansion versus deep transformation. How can these energies be brought together meaningfully and constructively?

This rare transit happens only once every 13 years! Before 2007, it occurred in 1994 and will happen next until 2020. Although the conjunction becomes exact on December 11, 2007, it remains in effect roughly from mid-October 2007 to the end of January 2008.

Jupiter is associated with optimism, potential, expansiveness, freedom and spiritual goodness. Pluto is connected with intensity, oppression, danger, death and decay. Together, the two challenge you to reach for your highest potential without losing touch with the most basic reality — to accept both the best and the worst in yourself and in life.

The Jupiter-Pluto combination can manifest in a number of different ways. At its best, these planets could bring a principled, ethical or honourable approach to difficult, volatile and powerful situations. Jupiter contributes perspective, tolerance and justice to Pluto's agenda of transformation and deep change.

At best this can create powerful change that has far-reaching implications. At worst, it could also create a kind of tyranny where you must be absolutely right at any cost. However, this can also be an opportunity to "clean your spiritual house." Pluto is able to strip away the encrusted layers of outmoded beliefs, fruitless hopes and decaying moral values, giving Jupiter a chance to start fresh in reaching beyond itself to find the Ultimate Truth.

And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line. For self is a sea boundless and measureless.

Say not, "I have found the truth," but rather, "I have found a truth."

Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path." For the soul walks upon all paths.~ Kahlil Gibran, from The Prophet

The Truth ~ Whose Truth?

These planets, of course, represent parts of yourself. Jupiter is the part of you that seeks to find truth, meaning, significance and understanding about life and your experience of the Universe. Pluto is how you experience and work with power, control and bedrock-level change (transformation).

Jupiter and Pluto together can inspire you to put your heart and soul into something you passionately believe in. But belief and passion are tricky things. When you believe in something, it means you believe it's right, it's The Truth, it's The Answer to your questions, it's the hope that washes away your doubts. That's Jupiter.

When you add in Pluto, that belief and faith can become passion that transforms your faith in life and the Universe—or it could become obsession, arrogance and relentless persistence to ensure that everyone else believes and sees things the same as you.

When you're set on fire by Jupiter-Pluto passion, it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference. There can be a fine line between finding your own passion and power versus inflicting it on others. The key is self-honesty and remembering that The Answer is a bit different for each of us. The Answer is even different for you at different times of your life, as you grow and evolve and become open to the many different facets of life.

Far-Reaching Implications

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction is the Grand Finale of the long journey Pluto has taken through Sagittarius. (Read my article about Pluto in Sagittarius.) Pluto went into Sagittarius in 1995, and will move into Capricorn in January 2008. During that time we have seen a powerful rise in global conflict based on or related to differences in religious beliefs, ideologies and how to apply them. This is hardly surprising, considering Sagittarius is strongly associated with religion, beliefs, truth and justice.

Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, so this conjunction is like a final infusion of Sagittarian energy. This conjunction could bring a clearer picture of the struggles, problems, challenges and issues that the world has dealt with in the last 12 years. This might come in the form of resolution to some of those problems. However, it is perhaps more likely to simply bring these issues into sharp focus—not as a resolution so much as a clearer understanding of what is at stake, how attempted solutions have succeeded or failed, and what our options are from here.

When Pluto goes into Capricorn, we will need to take whatever we have learned under Pluto in Sagittarius and find ways to transform that understanding into concrete solutions, decisions and changes. Capricorn takes the Sagittarian potential and solidifies it into something specific that becomes very difficult to change. That means we must be very careful about the choices and decisions we make in the near future, since we will have to live with the implications and consequences for a long time.

With Jupiter conjoining Pluto just before Pluto leaves Sagittarius, we have a chance to take a final look at what we've learned—as a global community and as a country (whatever your country is), as well as individually. This is our last chance to make significant changes and do a final assessment of our priorities. Strict honesty with ourselves and compassionate honesty with each other is probably a good idea, since we will carry any unresolved or unacknowledged conflicts into the next 13 years (the upcoming Jupiter-Pluto cycle) and 15 years (Pluto going through Capricorn).

Making the Transpersonal Personal

So... what are you doing with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction energy? It is likely that all the healing and growth work you've done on yourself for the last 13 years will "graduate," so that this is a powerful time of transformation and release, as well as a fresh start in a new direction. You're ready for "the next level." You could find yourself in the grip of the desire to pursue a spiritual path (reaching for greater meaning and understand in your life) that you haven't been ready for before now. You might also be forced by circumstances to empower yourself with greater knowledge, wisdom and belief in yourself, which is a long-term process to unfold over the next 13 years.

If you have natal planets near the degree of this transit, the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction will provide an extra "kick" to an already powerful and intense Pluto transit. This could possibly amplify the struggle and difficulty—but then again, it's often easier to see and understand things more clearly when they're magnified. It is therefore an opportunity to learn from that struggle.

The conjunction is also likely to begin a long-term process of working differently with the issues raised by the Pluto transit, which will correspond to the natal planet being transited and the role it plays in your natal chart. Jupiter can shine a light on a new path that leads out of the struggle, inspiring a new vision of meaning, significance and potential that grows out of that difficult experience. This new path will unfold and evolve over the next 13 years, as the Jupiter-Pluto cycle plays out.

Jupiter and Pluto to your Natal Chart

You'll find two tables below. The first table lists the dates when Pluto transits take place to certain natal planets. Only transits to the outer planets and the Sun are included; otherwise there would be so much detail that this article would take forever to scroll through. ;-) I have listed only the dynamic aspects (conjunction, square, opposition), since they are likely to affect you the strongest.

The second table gives a very brief interpretation of how the Jupiter-Pluto transit might affect you, depending on the planet being transited. I've included all the major planets and points in the natal chart, even though I haven't listed dates for many of them in the first table.

For example: the first table shows that if you were born in 1958-59 or 1988, then transiting Pluto is approximately conjunct your natal Saturn. As Jupiter comes up to conjoin transiting Pluto (and therefore also your natal Saturn), it challenges you to seek a broader perspective and greater meaning in the transformative process that Pluto is bringing to your life, especially related to authority figures and being responsible.

The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction might also be affecting other planets in your chart that are too detailed to list here. To find out exactly how this transit is influencing your individual chart and how best to work with this powerful energy, it is best to get a personal reading with your astrologer.

Jupiter-Pluto Transits to Natal Planets, by Year of Birth

Please note: these transits apply to 2007. See table below for meanings.

1936 Mar-Apr/36 ● Oct-Dec/36 Jupiter Conjunction
1937 Feb/37 to Mar/38 Saturn Square
1937-38 May/37 to Jul/38 Chiron Opposition
1939-44 Sep/39 to Sep/44 Neptune Square
1943-44 July/43 to Aug/44 Saturn Opposition
1944-45 Sep/44 to Sep/45 Chiron Square
1947-50 Jul-Dec/47 ● Apr/48 to Aug/49 ● Dec/49 to May/50 Uranus Opposition
1948 Feb-Jun/48 ● Oct-Dec/48 Jupiter Conjunction
1950-51 Sep/50 to Sep/51 Saturn Square
1950-51 Nov/50 to Dec/51 Chiron Conjunction
1958-59 Feb-May/58 ● Nov/58 to Feb/59 ● Jul Nov/59 Saturn Conjunction
1960 Jan-Nov/60 Jupiter Conjunction
1966-67 Mar/66 to Apr/67 Saturn Square
1966-69 Apr-Sep/66 ● Jan/67 to Apr/69 ● Nov Dec/69 Chiron Square
1966-69 Nov/66 to Feb/67, Aug/67 to Nov/68, Mar Sep/69 Uranus Square
1968-73 Oct/68 to Mar/69 ● Aug/69 to Oct/72 ● Apr Sep/73 Pluto Square
1972 Jan-Mar/72 ● Jun-Oct/72 Jupiter Conjunction
1973-74 May/73 to Jun/74 Saturn Opposition
1979-80 Oct/79 to Nov/80 Saturn Square
1981-85 Feb-May/81 ● Nov/81 to Feb/85 ● Jun Dec/85 Neptune Conjunction
1984 Dec/83 to Feb/84 Jupiter Conjunction
1987-89 Jun/87 to Aug/88 ● Dec/88 to May/89 Chiron Opposition
1987-89 Jan-Jul/87 ● Oct/87 to Jan/89 ● Jul Nov/89 Uranus Conjunction
1987-88 Dec/87-Dec/88 Saturn Conjunction
1994-95 Oct/94 to Mar/95 ● Jun Oct/95 Chiron Square
1995-96 Dec/95 to Jan/96 Jupiter Conjunction
1995-97 May-Aug/95 ● Jan-May/96 ● Sep/96 to Feb/97 Saturn Square
Any year Dec.16-24 ● Mar.15-23 ● Jun.15-24 ● Sep.17 25 Sun Conjunction, Square, Opposition, Square

Jupiter-Pluto Influence on Natal Planets and Points

Sun Crisis of identity; self-doubts. Seeing parts of yourself that feel unfamiliar or scary. Having to own your power. Unfolding sense of meaning based on self-acceptance and seeing yourself in a broader context.
Moon Feeling vulnerable or powerless when faced with external control, dominance or pressure. The need to improve self-care and own your power. Family or childhood issues and dynamics. Finding your own path, especially apart from your family. Learning self-acceptance that comes from within.
Mercury Crisis of communication or perception. Whatever is unsaid can "speak volumes." Seeing the hidden, disturbing or inevitable side of life in a new way. The need to speak your truth. Seeing things from a broader perspective; the "big picture." Integrating new insights into world view and self-image.
Venus Crisis of intimacy, values or material security. The need to change what you attract into your life and why. Learning to be receptive, gentle and loving without losing your power. Unfolding vision of how to balance force with gentleness and passion with love. New management of material resources.
Mars Crisis of force or motivation. Issues about energy, passion and aggression. Power versus powerlessness. Wilfulness, obsession and intensity. Anger emerging as resentment, fear or depression. Use of energy, passion and power for justice, truth, compassion or other higher purpose. Dissipating aggression through insight and a broader perspective.
Jupiter Crisis of faith; doubts. Old understanding no longer effective or relevant. Blame, judgment and condemnation. This coincides with your Jupiter Return, which brings a renewal of vision, aspirations and confidence. The ability to rebuild a new sense of meaning from the ashes of the old. Seeking a more feasible sense of justice.
Saturn Being held back by rules and limitations. Having to forge your own authority and power. Circumstances forcing you to grow up more. Rules, authority and power brought into a broader context of meaning and purpose. Finding the vision and confidence to take on responsibility without it feeling like a straightjacket.
Uranus Disruption of intended direction in life. Group pressure. Too much or too little detachment, needing adjustment. New sense of uniqueness and individuality. Fresh air of freedom that takes time to embrace.
Neptune Crisis of faith. Need for new vision of your place in the Universe. Renewed meaning, inspiration, spirituality. Listening to the still small voice within.
Pluto Crisis of authenticity. Are you really living true to who you really are? New vision of how you can live your truth. Developing new principles to live by.
Chiron Coming to terms with limitations. Possible health problems requiring gradual recovery. Recovery through "healing crisis." Rebuilding sense of freedom and meaning.
Ascendant Crisis of physical or personal energy. Possible health issues. Having to own your power on a very personal level Confidence to see beyond immediate difficulties. Vision and inspiration to rise above problems.
Midheaven Crisis of authority and purpose. Current life goals become problematic. The need to assert your authority in a more effective way. New vision that can guide you to find long-term projects and goals. Confidence to take a stand.
Lunar Nodes Crisis of direction and intention. Having to assess where you're going in your life and why. Are you growing as much as you could? New vision that guides you to get back on track in your life. Inspiration showing you a higher potential.

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