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Noble Mundane Energies

Saturn was in Sagittarius in 2015-2017. In Sagittarius, Saturn travels through Jupiter's sign, which is a contradiction of planetary energies. How do we navigate through this paradoxical and complicated, yet potentially rewarding terrain?

Experiential Wisdom versus "My Way or the Highway"

Saturn ventures into Sagittarius for almost 6 months (Dec.23.2014 to Jun.14.2015), and returns to Scorpio for 3 months (Jun.14 to Sep.17.2015)because he forgot to pack something for the long trip. After Sep.17, he treks through Sagittarius again for another 2 years (until Dec.19.2017).

The last time Saturn went into Sagittarius was 1985-1988. If you were born during that time, you're going through or heading into your first Saturn Return — a crossroads where you start to redefine yourself as an adult and therefore must take more responsibility for what happens to you.

Before that, Saturn was in Sagittarius from 1956-1959. Those born during that time are at their second Saturn Return. This is again a crossroads where you reinvent yourself and reconstruct your life.

This time you build on the foundation of what you've already accomplished and regenerate or reinvent what is incomplete or didn't work out as planned.

And if you were born in 1926-1929, you're at your third Saturn Return. Not much is written about this transition time since not everyone makes it to age 88-ish. However, in the spirit of Saturn's agenda, this is likiely to be a time of reassessment and reinvention.


Louis XIV with stone face, as Saturn in SagittariusSaturn being in Sagittarius is a contradiction. Saturn contracts and prunes back. Sagittarius expands and embellishes. Saturn is conservative and practical. Sagittarius is flamboyant and excessive.

Does the planet influence our experience of the sign, or does the sign influence our experience of the planet? The answer is: yes! The sign is like a piece of clothing with the bare-naked planet underneath, but the same piece of clothing will also look very different depending on who's wearing it.Saturn in Sagittarius ;-)

So how about this for a visual? Think a stone-faced Easter Island statue wearing a splendid King Louis XIV outfit. You can see that these two energies are a bit of an odd couple!

They can fight with each other or they can enhance each other — it all depends on how we use them. It also depends on what kind of circumstances and potential these energies find when they come knocking on the door of our lives.

The Saturn-ttarius Effects ;-)

At its best, Saturn in Sagittarius can bring practical planning and disciplined methodology to grandiose ideas of possibilities and what-ifs. This is what makes it possible to bring dreams and inspiration into manifestation. With Saturn's hammer and nails of construction and structure, Sagittarian dreams can become reality.

On the other hand, at its worst Saturn could put a pessimistic, overly cautious damper on the Sagittarian optimism and faith, insisting that all must be proven and minimized to its lowest common denominator, and disparaging anything that isn't purely scientific or tried-and-true.

If this happens to you, check to see if the Saturn side of you may be trying to warn you about something in your blind spot. You can also watch to see if you're a bit afraid to fly free toward a dream, preferring to stay where it's safe. You might decide that you're not up to the trip through Sag-land at the moment, but at least acknowledge the part of you that yearns to go there.

Sagittarius also influences Saturn, forcing this often serious, rule-bound energy to look beyond the immediate territory to see out near the horizon and beyond. Sag can bring imagination, vision and a greater perspective to Saturn's usually structured, logical approach to life.

On the other hand, Saturn might just want to get the job done and isn't in the mood to wax philosophical about how many angels can dance on the head of a nail — it just wants to get the right nail for the job and move on to the next project.

In this case, Sagittarian energy could seem like it's annoyingly in the way of progress and results. You might find yourself irritated with people who want to put everything in an otherworldly spiritual context, when all you want to do is stay focused on what needs to be done in this world. If you keep tripping over Sagittarian-type people who annoy you, check to see if the spiritual part of you might be feeling neglected or bored and schedule some time to reconnect with it.

Principles and Practice

Another way these two could combine is in regard to wisdom and understanding. Sagittarius is about inspired wisdom – principles, beliefs and ideals. Saturn is about a different kind of wisdom – that which is constructed out of experience, hard work and what we learn from making mistakes.

At their best, these two can forge a powerful alliance that can incorporate a higher standard of behaviour, action and integrity that is based on both principles and practicing what you preach. This is the most glowing horizon to aim for while Saturn is in Sag – learning how to talk the talk, walk the walk and focus a clearer understanding of what that is. This can bring a way to believe in the best you can be, as well as to accept that your human mistakes and imperfections are part of the package and not grounds for condemnation.

On the other hand, if you think Sagittarius on a bad day can be judgmental, blaming and intolerant, wait until it joins forces with Saturn's critical, demanding and exacting side! This could be dogmatic, insistent on being right, and rigidly cut-and-dried in terms of who/what it considers worthy. Perfection and the expectation that you "should" live up to it could become quite over the top.

This can manifest as a rigid "my way or the highway" attitude. However, a more positive version of this is to help you envision and define clearer boundaries about what you're prepared to tolerate (in the name of higher principles) versus what feels like it will stretch your personal integrity beyond acceptable limits.

After Saturn in Scorpio has pared you down to your more essential, authentic self, Saturn in Sagittarius challenges you to aim to be the very best of that self. It's not enough to simply be who you are; it's also important to aim to live up to the highest truth and integrity that you know.

Mistakes are human; to learn, grow and evolve from them divine.

Saturn's Major Aspects While in Sagittarius

Below are the exact dates (using North American Eastern Time) of the major aspects Saturn made while in Sagittarius in 2015-2016, along with a brief list of key concepts for each aspect.

ASPECTFirst Pass Date  •  PositionSecond Pass Date  •  PositionFinal Pass Date  •  Position
Saturn square Jupiter 3 Aug 2015  •  28:17 SC/LE 23 Mar 2016  •  16:24 SG/VI 26 May 2016  •  13:41  SG/VI
Progress vs caution. Freedom vs limitation. Ideals vs practicality. Liberation vs discipline.
Saturn square Neptune 26 Nov 2015  •  07:02 SG/PI 17 Jun 2016  •  12:02 SG/PI 10 Sep 2016  •  10:24 SG/PI
What is vs what might be. Facts vs wishes. Acceptance vs manipulation. Reality vs fantasy.
Saturn trine Uranus 24 Dec 2016  •  20:33 SG/AR 19 May 2017  •  26:23 SG/AR 11 Nov 2017  •  25:37 SG/AR
Change = stability. Insight based on knowledge. Visionary change that doesn't cause damage.
Saturn square Chiron 28 Dec 2016  •  21:01 SG/PI 30 Apr 2017  •  27:18 SG/PI 2 Nov 2017  •  24:47 SG/PI
Adjustment vs endurance. Chronic vs fixable problems. Healing through discipline vs acceptance.

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