Anne Toth

In Loving Memory of Anne Toth ~ August 3, 1940 to November 30, 2007

In honour of the passing of astrologer Anne Toth, I posted two memorial accounts of her below. My sincere thanks to astrologer Robin Armstrong and Anne's family for their permission to post Robin's beautiful tribute.

For more about Anne, please visit her family's remembrance website.

In memory of Anne Toth who passed away Nov. 30, 2007 at 5:00 am

by Robin Armstrong

A wise woman has left us today.

A hearty cheer of victory and gratitude calls out to Anne as she travels on to greater horizons.

She devoted her life to learning about life and love.

She studied palmistry first, then tarot and in the early nineteen seventies embraced astrology.

What she studied she learned well.

What she learned she taught to others.

Anne lectured extensively in Canada and the United States for over thirty years.

In the 1970's Anne ran the Pinedale Tearoom in Stevensville, Ontario and hosted a radio call in show on CHOW 1470 for four years. She had a regular guest spot on a Hamilton TV show in the 1980's, and in the 1990's she hosted the Aquarian Age Talk Show on TV until 1998. The show was first produced by her son Matthew and later by her daughter Elizabeth.

Anne and Elizabeth collaborated on a chapter submission on Palmistry, for the widely popular Idiot's Guide to Astrology (1996 McMillan Press).

Like a river on its way to the ocean she accumulated wisdom.

It culminated in her study of the Quaballah.

At a UAC astrology conference Anne gave a most wonderful and inspiring talk on Angels and the Quaballah.

From Foundation to Crown she touched the souls and opened the hearts of those who listened.

As she got deeper and deeper into Quaballah Anne converted to Judaism to go deeper into her studies.

Thank-you kind teacher.Thank-you noble heart.Thank-you dear friend.Thank-you.

Anne lives on through her four children: Austin, Danny, Elizabeth and Matthew; and through the hearts of all she touched.

Do not cry for what has been lost.

Sing praises for what has been won.

The heavens will shine brighter now.


In Memory of Anne Toth

By Wendy Guy

Anne Toth has been a very special friend to me. The first time I remember meeting her in 1986, she generously came to my support when I was suddenly caught in an embarrassing emotional struggle—and she didn't even know me!

She seemed to always see and encourage the best in me, as I think she did with most everyone. When she saw my work as the newsletter editor for the local group, Astrology Toronto, she strongly urged me to start my own magazine. With her faith in me beneath my wings, I published Transitions magazine in the mid-1990s. Her support continued after I launched this website in 2004, seeding it initially with articles from Transitions. Although there are many people over the years I can thank for my ability to do these projects, Anne's ongoing encouragement stands out as a primary force that helped me keep the faith.

I have learned so much about astrology, life, love and the human spirit from Anne, through her readings, lectures, workshops and her friendship. Her presence, her hearty laughter and her wisdom were larger than life and as warm as her Leo Sun. Often it was the little things she said that would suddenly open my mind to new vistas of understanding and possibilities.

Her generous spirit was a bright light, and I have been just one of many moths fluttering around her, wanting to learn more from her. I will miss her deeply.


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