This is my name for an aspect pattern of 3 planets joined with trine and sextile aspects.

It's a bit similar to a Grand Trine, in that it can indicate natural ability, as well as an easy flow of energy between the planets involved. However, the sextile aspects in the Mini-Trine also promote creative problem-solving and the ability to combine different ideas and intentions to form something new.

The Mini-Trine still requires some deliberate intention and action to make the best of its qualities.

It has an apex planet which is the one in sextile to the two planets in trine (the red dot in the diagram). The apex planet can be used as the action or focus point that can bring out the potential in the two trined planets.

The Mini-Trine is generally considered a positive influence, but it doesn't guarantee a perfect result. Easy-flowing aspects can open up any kind of energy, including "negative" or conflicted energy, as well as "positive" or beneficial energy.


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